Qwikgear acquires Camera Lens, |ecomes largest peer-to-peer camera rental platform Peer-

Qwikgear acquires Camera Lens, |ecomes largest peer-to-peer camera rental platform Peer-

Peer-to-peer camera instrumentation rental platform Qwikgear has non inheritable its rival
Camera Lens to create the world’s largest peer-to-peer gear rental community. The combined
entities are managed below the Qwikgear  whole from headquarters in metropolis.
“There are additional content creators nowadays than ever before and that they all would
like access to high quality, reasonable gear. Since launching a little over a year past, Qwikgear has
created Brobdingagian enhancements geared rentals, creating inventive work and connecting with
creators even easier and more cost-effective. The optical lens acquisition can additional our goals of
democratizing access to nice gear and empowering creators,” says Qwikgear.

  Lens user accounts together with gear data have already been integrated into
the Qwikgear net platform to sleek the transition for existing optical lens users. Additionally to
people, Qwikgear conjointly works with rental homes and production corporations to expand its
gear pool. additional data is out there on the Qwikgear.com web site.

Before you head on your next nice journey, arm yourself with the simplest potential camera—just don’t pay full worth. How? By striking up qwikgear.com. The site, that is closely-held by Shutter fly, offers cameras, lenses, and a broad vary of photography accessories for week-long rentals. Which means you’ll plan to specialized gear without fear concerning the worth tag—and finally take photos of your bucket list journeys with one thing apart from your iPhone (though we’d ne’er choose that approach, particularly if you have the correct tools).

Here, lenses that retail for run over m greenbacks is rented for as very little as $20. for example, a $1,395 Carl Zeiss camera lens (great for landscapes) runs $64 for every week, while a $6,749 Nikon 200-400mm f/4G lens (for sports and life shots) prices $271 to rent—the a lot of to pay on your epic expedition. conjointly worthy, particularly for families, ar 4K camcorders, which might value upwards of $2,000 retail however rent for roughly $170. New customers get a $10 discount, and travel-specific packages ar available—they bundle a couple of necessities and a rack for $131, and most camera brands ar

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