Where Do You Get Rental Lenses For DSLR Cameras in Bangalore?

Where Do You Get Rental Lenses For DSLR Cameras in Bangalore?

It ought to come back as no surprise for photographers (amateur or professional) that the Lens value plenty quite the particular Camera body itself. every Lens might value within the vary of one. 2 Lakhs (Indian Rupees) or upwards of $2000. Is it pricing it? Or some simply cannot afford it.

For skilled photographers, it’s going to be a viable possibility. For hobby or amateur photographers, it’s going to be a giant raise. It’s not one lens finally. The area unit such a large amount of kinds of Lens – Fish Eye (wide angle), Macro Lens, Zoom or optical lens then on. every of those area unit appropriate for various varieties of shooting like Street, Birds, Macro, Sports etc. this can be wherever the thought of transaction Lens comes in.
The area unit many vendors UN agency hire out Lens on a per day basis. You simply need to register with them together with your name, address and supply proofs for identical. Once this can be done, you’ll begin transaction out the instrumentation. The Lens value anyplace from authority 250 per day to 4000 per day counting on overpriced or subtle the lens is.

Who are the vendors or companies that rent out Lens in Bangalore?

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I became a member in Wildclickz last week. Method was easy, had to submit documents for Identity & Address Proof. Next day got AN email that the applying is accepted. I conjointly rented a Lens this weekend, the 18-200mm one once we went birding close to the depression faculty & Bannerghatta Park. All I had to try to was to decision them up and block the Lens on behalf of me. I picked it au courant Sat evening 4pm and came it before the subsequent Monday at 11am. The charge was for in some unspecified time in the future solely and casted 550 rupees for this lens.

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