3 Most Common Wedding Videography Pitfalls to Avoid

3 Most Common Wedding Videography Pitfalls to Avoid

Do you have a clear definition about your wedding videography goals? Your wedding videographer will ask you everything to understand what kind of videography you need which makes you happy. This is very important you should have a clear idea about what you want in your wedding videos. A wedding is a biggest day in any one’s life and that is why the wedding videographers need to understand your goals and expectations. Are you looking for formal wedding video or want some creativity in it? Do you want your engagement to capture as well or just want to capture your wedding?

  1. Explain what you are expecting: The wedding videographer has to understand more about the real you, how are you as a person, what excites you and what makes you feel good and happy? If he/she is not able to recognize this, then it might be difficult for them to give your wedding video a natural ambiance, they can offer you a more formal video only in this case. What makes the videographer to understand this? The answer is rather simple; it is you who can only describe you in a better way. Share the basic information with them. Only when you can be completely honest with the expert, they can imagine the scenario and will create the same ambiance for you to feel the same love, happiness and enjoyment on your wedding day.
  2. Create a Checklist: To avoid any misunderstanding in the whole wedding, you should prepare a list of things; you want to be captured in the wedding video without fail. Definitely this needs some investment of your time, but the efforts worth everything you are going to have in your dream wedding video. If you sit and start conversation with your wedding videographer, you will notice that they have almost everything included in their list, which is a part of your list. If you need some more to add, you can tell them to mention those things in the list too. The list can have various ideas like an overview of the weeding venue, the wedding cake, rings, signing of the marriage license and many more.
  3. Schedule the wedding videography Session: The wedding is an event of many traditions and rituals and everything has its own ambiance and feel attached to it. So, it is very important to have specific slot for every important event happening in your wedding. To get the best wedding videos, you can ask the expert to schedule the plan for you, or you can share your schedule with them that when you want them to be at the location. Based on the schedule both the parties can tweak their schedule and gets the best in wedding videos.

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