Top 6 Engagement Photo Poses That Calgary Photographers Prefer the Most

Top 6 Engagement Photo Poses That Calgary Photographers Prefer the Most

The engagement shoot is often considered the first time when a couple has been photographed professionally. Being a photographer, you have the opportunity to show them what their love looks like when they laugh together, interact with each other and hold one another.

But as each couple is unique, you need to be careful when capturing their chemistry in your lens. If you are wondering how to capture the best photos, then focus on these poses that Calgary engagement photographers always value –

1. Hold hands

Asking a couple to hold hands is one of the ideal poses for the ones who are a bit nervous in front of the camera. You can ask the couple to stroll along with their hands clasped, adopt a standstill pose with their intertwined, or evolve their handhold into a fun little twirl. Make the most of this opportunity to get a few close-up shots of your client’s hands, especially if they are wearing engagement rings.

2. Nose-to nose and forehead-to-forehead

To create a foundation pose ask your clients to stand close and then instruct them to stand nose-to-nose or forehead-to-forehead with one another. The couple will respond with every emotion from quiet romance to big belly laughs, providing you the chance to capture photos that are sure to be some of their favorites.

3. Back to front

This pose is one of the simplest ways to keep your clients close with one another. Ask the shorter partner to sit or stand with their back to the chest of the sweetheart. If both partners have the same heights, then use a staircase to create height difference with the back partner sitting one step higher. You can make a wide variety of photographs using this pose simply by changing lenses, adjusting the angle, and slightly tweaking the way your clients are positioned.

4. Side-by-side

It is one of the easy and natural poses you can do. Let them feel what it is like standing side-by-side with one another during their actual wedding ceremony. Ask the couple to hold hands with one another. And then position their bodies facing the camera while looking at each other.

5. Do the dip

It is a cute pose where a couple shares an intimate moment. Ask one of the partners to wrap their arms around his fiancé’s waist. The lady needs to hold onto the nape of his neck while placing another hand over his chest. Once she tosses her head back, it is your cue to capture the picture-moment pose. If the couple wants, they can end the pose by kissing or dancing around. It will make the pose much more romantic.

6. Ring shots

Most engaged partners have at least one engagement ring between them. Sometimes try to find a ring or a personal token, such as an engagement necklace or bracelet with one another. Find out what symbols of love your clients are wearing, and capture those treasures with the same care you will use to document their love.

Besides, there are detailed shots, stunning scenery, playful, perfect props and a lot more poses that can help you build upon a couple’s vibes. Irrespective of the needs of the couple, make sure to capture all the natural moments that they will cherish forever.

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