Why is Amazon Product Photography So Important?

Why is Amazon Product Photography So Important?

On Amazon, product photos are how shoppers interact with your brand. Product images provide a way to virtually touch or feel the product without any physical medium. It is the reason why Amazon photography USA is of such importance.

Product photos are not just the representation of what you are selling, but they convey your brand’s quality and values. If you are an Amazon seller, then it’s essential to understand the role of product photography in Atlanta in successfully converting visitors into buyers.

This article will cover everything you need about the Amazon product photography service.

Importance of Amazon photography USA: It’s all in numbers 

High-quality product images are one of the crucial factors in driving up sales on Amazon. Good photos can drive the buyer’s perception in the direction you want. You can create and narrate your brand story and generate sales.

The number suggests that without consistent and good product images, a seller cannot be successful on Amazon. As an Amazon product photography service with more than a decade of experience, at Etherarts, we have devised processes to ensure that we deliver satisfactory results every time. We are an officially approved Amazon product photography service and innately understand the platform’s requirements.

Look at some significant numbers:

  • On average, a shopper only reads only 20% of the text on a web page but views every image on a page.
  • More than 63% of online shoppers agree that product images are more important to them than product descriptions.
  • Additionally, 53% of consumers say that for them, product images matter more than ratings or reviews.

These figures illustrate sellers can lose their earnings by not investing in quality product photographs. There is no alternative to attention-grabbing product images when competing with millions of other sellers. How you portray your product or brand will decide how much sales you generate.

There are additional reasons to opt for professional product photography Atlanta for Amazon. Let’s check them out.

Product images are essential for branding on Amazon 

Every digital aspect of your business is intertwined with your brand. Whether it’s a web design, social media, or eCommerce, branding helps you create trust among buyers. High-quality product images create a sense of confidence in consumers as they associate professionally made product photographs with brand quality and value. Amazon photography Atlanta can be an excellent tool for branding to build not just trust but an emotional connection with only shoppers.

Product images are essential for creative strategy

Amazon is home to millions of sellers, and chances are high that you find other sellers offering the same products as you. Why would a buyer prefer your product over hundreds of different options?

The onus is on your creative strategy to form a lasting first impression on your buyers. You need uniquely created product images to influence consumer emotions when there are tons of product images. There’s a vast difference between low-quality and professionally generated photographs that convey your brand value. An Amazon product photography service like Etherarts can help you create enhanced visual content for your product listings.

Such visual content is crucial for your creative strategy as it successfully initiates engagement and understanding and effectively convinces buyers to take action. You need to tell a story through your product images, and a creative strategy based on professional product photographs is enough to give you a competitive edge.

Professional product photos enhance buyer interactions

Professional product photographs benefit your brand on Amazon and across all online platforms. They impact all marketing channels you utilize to persuade customers to buy your products. You create a consistent brand image when you use high-quality product images for social media, your store, email marketing, etc. It is essential to build trust among buyers. It influences buyers to invest in your products by portraying your brand value, message, and vision through quality images.

What can you do to improve Amazon product image quality?

While hiring a professional Amazon photography USA service is the way to go, if you decide to take the matter into your hands, here’s what you must do:

  • Ensure that you click the products from several angles
  • Use a tripod to capture high-quality and feature-specific product images
  • Use only white background
  • Avoid placing any additional items with the product


If you’re new to the eCommerce world and plan to use Amazon, it is essential to understand the importance of product photographs. You do not want to lose time, energy, and money just because you cut corners while hiring an Amazon product photography service.

We hope this post gave you a clear description of how compelling product images can be when selling on Amazon. Etherarts offers affordable Amazon photography USA services to help your listings stand out and capture buyers’ attention.

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