Everything Happens for your own good !!!

Everything Happens for your own good !!!

Sometimes we feel fate is ruling us, you do everything possible to get what you want, but circumstances seems to be an obstacle in your path, later you realize that the hindrance was a blessing to you, there is a divine power that decides what should take place in your life coz “everything happens for your own good”.

It’s a question most often filled with anguish or anger. It’s also a question that’s usually impossible to answer. Psychotherapist and author Mira Kirshenbaum, however, offers ten different and intriguing responses. In her new book Everything Happens for a Reason – Finding the True Meaning of the Events in Our Lives, Kirshenbaum explains that nothing is random. Every problem is actually a potential learning experience that can teach you how to live your life more effectively — providing that you understand why the problem happened in the first place.

Everything happen for own good

Kirshenbaum believes that each difficult issue is a specific opportunity to learn a key lesson about how to improve your life. Her goal is for you to learn how to eradicate life-crippling issues such as:

  • Low expectations of what the world has to offer
  • Little understanding of yourself
  • Loss of faith in a higher power
  • Lamenting a recent event or chronic condition

Life Motivation !!!

If everything happens according to God, it will give you a few good things. You will be able to tolerate, to accept many miseries, sufferings, with equanimity, with a certain tranquility, calmness, quietness. That will give you strength, integrity, a grace, but then you will also become a slave. Anybody can dominate you, anybody can exploit you. And the same is true about every other idea.

You are not created for any purpose. And it is good that you are not created for any purpose; otherwise you would be a machine. A machine is created for some purpose. Man is not created for some purpose, for something — no! Man is just the out-flowing, overflowing creation. Everything simply is. Flowers are there and stars are there and you are there. Everything is just an overflowing, a joy, a celebration of existence without any purpose.

The universe is a family. The experience is possible only when you trust and after that, bliss is inevitable. Without it misery is our fate, it cannot be avoided. With it bliss is natural, it comes of its own accord.

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