Will Mehul Choksi Lose his Antigua Citizenship?

Will Mehul Choksi Lose his Antigua Citizenship?

In a recent update to the famous Punjab National Bank fraud case, involving diamond trader Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi who has a scam of 13,000 crores on their names, a government official while speaking to the local newspaper in Antigua has said that his citizenship may soon get scrapped. After running from India he has claimed Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, but now soon he will be deported back to India increasing the hopes of Indian officials. After several cases of fraud and hiding came forward like famous Vijay Mallaya’s case, since then government is on their toes to get these financial criminal red cornered by the international agencies so that catching them become easier. The spokesperson also told the newspaper that once his all legal option will get exhausted, he will be handed over to India.

For the best news website in Delhi NCR, keep looking for this place. As per the nation’s Prime Minister Gaston Brown the citizenship of Mehul Chowksi has been processed but it will be soon revoked and he will be handed over back to India. The statement came after the pressure of Indian Govt increased following the businessmen went fugitive and wase found to be hiding in the country, the prime minister further added that his country does not want to harbor any criminal or criminal activity especially for those who are involved in the financial scams.

But he also added that the country has its own course of law and procedural activity which cannot be neglected, they have to wait for the required due process. He said that the matter is before the court and in a country like Antigua and Barbuda criminal too have some fundamental right which is Mehul Chowki is using right now an cannot be denied, same has been communicated to the Indian government too. To continue he spoke that Choksi has the right to go to court and defend to explain his conditions. But he assured that once all his legal proceeding and rights get exhausted he will be for sure extradited back to India where further legal action can be taken against him.

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