Significance of the Mamallapuram Summit 2019

Significance of the Mamallapuram Summit 2019

The bilateral relation between the Indian Government and the Republic of China has always been the center of attention. But ever since the ‘Wuhan Summit’ took place in April 2019, the informal summit paved new ways to discuss the interaction and global communication the two nations are working hard to establish. The 2nd informal summit at the coastal town of Mamallapuram was an aftermath of the ‘Wuhan spirit’ which focused on the bilateral interaction and to share the two nation’s goals and ambitions.

On October 11 and 12, the state of Tamil Nadu opened its gate for the second informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The external affairs ministry called the unannounced and sudden meeting as a meaningful discussion over the developing bilateral partnership between the two neighbors and a platform for the analysis of several wide-ranging issues involving the national as well as international sustainable development.

As reported earlier by ETV Bharat News Today, the place itself was chosen to emphasize the co-relation of the two countries’ rich culture. Earlier the references and insights given by the Chinese spokesperson over the issue of Kashmir, the two ministers were at rough edges. However, the informal summit gave both the government a diplomatic way to talk the issue out.

Before the summit, the hordes of ministers as well as an official from both the side were seen in action. As reported by ETV Bharat News Today, the meeting can be a preface to the upcoming Quadrilateral Dialogue scheduled to happen between the foreign ministers of India, Australia, the US, and Japan in New York.

ETV Bharat News Today further added that the Mamallapuram Summit is also a diplomatic step by both the nation to attain a sustainable and Comprehensive Socio-political as well as an economic partnership.

The growing political disagreements and Indian Resilience towards Chinese intervention have created several breaking news in India before the summit as the action of the Indian Government in Kashmir were highly condemned by the Chinese Government. China also raised the issue in the UN assembly by organizing a security-council meeting over the problem, the first meeting of this kind after 1971.

However, the real insights of the informal summit clearly point otherwise. The two nations choose a mutually acceptable approach on the topics which has always been the reason of political discomfort. The two global leaders wanted to stress the importance of global and regional heritage the two nations share.

Apart from the several notions over the national development, the two leaders as reported by ETV Bharat News Today also shared their views over the development of shared border rules along with the commercial linking the two markets share.

Summing all the significant points of the summit here is a list showcasing the prominent outcome of the Mamallapuram Summit:

  1. Both the leaders decided to collectively celebrate 2020 as the year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Indo- Chinese diplomatic relations. The step is a path-breaking step to ensure the civility among the people of both nations. The two countries share several common roots and to keep the spirit alive the two countries would organize 70 different activities to commemorate the historical connection between the two nations. This activities segment includes a conference on a ship voyage signifying the Indo-Chinese ancient bond.
  2. A fully functioning high level economic and trade dialogue machinery would be introduced in both the countries to establish a developing path for trade and commercial interlinking.
  3. The development of a manufacturing partnership is also proposed to support the mutual investments in the organized and identified sectors.
  4. The idea of converting Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province into the sister states of tomorrow symbolizing the prosperous and developing bilateral relations between the two countries.

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