6 Tips to Attract Brands Towards Your 3D Printing Business

6 Tips to Attract Brands Towards Your 3D Printing Business

3D is a technology that creates physical models using spools of plastic filaments and resins supported by a specific architecture machine. Printer works by moving it shead to the X and Y axis to create a pattern layer by layer. 3D model printing is a hours long process and creates an impression like no other. 

The 3D virtual projects are created using a programming software called Computer aided design (commonly used term CAD) software. Further to create tangible models the 3D printer is connected and the work gets in progress. 3D printers can easily aid students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, design students, architectures and manufacturing industries. 

Businesses are attracted towards services that will monetarily benefit more than they invested initially. To inspire business and brands towards the 3D printing technology you will need to demonstrate the benefits for the industry and implement other strategies. 

Since 3D printing is relatively a new form of marketing and manufacturing, here are 5 tips from an expert to attract brands and business to your 3D printing business.  

Know your industry audience: 

The number of 3D printing companies in Dubai is increasing but only a few manage to float in the market. 

The first tip may be obvious but there goes a lot of research and case studies to know the industry audience. Targeting the wrong audience will never aid in your business growth. 3D modeling and printing is mostly focused on small production jobs and short run modeling. 

Main industries to attract with 3D printing business

  • Physicians 
  • Special and medical educators 
  • Design students 
  • Architectures 
  • Engineers 
  • Home furnishing manufacturers 
  • Interior Designers 

The above mentioned industries often require tools, models, educational materials such as anatomy models, fixtures and prototypes. You can also attract other types of brands for branding and advertising purposes. 

Develop Project Models:

3D modeling is relatively new and most businesses are nervous about how good they can do for the business. To address these concerns of clients if your personality. The concerns can be addressed by developing project models as an initial investment. The projects would basically testify for your skills and business credibility. 

Pre-developed 3D models will offer better visualization for the audience. Depending on the industry you are focusing on you can create anatomy models, pre fabricated products, prototypes, architecture models etc. 

Promote Safety:

3D modeling technology is revolutionary for the engineering industry. 3D printing is recommended for pre fabricated products, custom jigs and fixtures for the engineering industry. Pitching this idea to industry with higher safety precautions is one of the best strategies.

These industries often require big offers so scoring even one company is a good step for your business. 3D printing for the industrial industry does require different printing models as well as quality material. Before pitching your idea to a client, make sure you have a reliable resource.

Promote Cost Effective Strategies:

Since 3D technology can transform any digital structure into a tangible object, it’s a good deal for several industries. 

Why should someone opt for your 3D printing services? The simple marketing solution is quality and cost effectiveness. 3D printing can easily reduce the manufacturing cost by 2-4%. Your clients can only know this when you educate them on the cost effectiveness of 3D printing. 2-4% makes a business for clients who look for constant modeling services. 

Your clients can also store spare parts in the cloud which  eliminates the need for physical inventory. A client can easily order 3D printing with a single design share to you. 

Innovate and Create the Trend: 

Innovation increases due to reduction of cost of risk. If you are a design enthusiast, you can generate models and designs to create a trend. A creative and innovative business attracts traffic and a good conversion rate. Visitors are attracted to platforms with unique business ideas. 

Implementing innovation as a part of your business will cost you revenue first before generating any profit. Make sure that either your business is stable or you have enough funds to go on a test drive with your 3D printer. 

Create a Catalog:

There are two reasons creating a catalog will benefit your business. The first reason is personalization and the second reason is communication to your customers. 

Customization and personalization is the biggest trend of recent years in all sectors. It helps the brands connect to the audience on a personal level. Moreover it helps the brand stand apart from the competitors.  

If you are also providing 3D printing for modeling and branding, or customized items, catalogs can really help with indecisive or clients completely new to the 3D printing industry. A catalog will also help you with the 3D printing design limitations. 

Why is 3D technology the future ? 

In 2014, NASA built a 3D printer on the international space station so the astronauts soul oriented maintenance tools or any other instruments without traveling all the way back to space. The 3D printer has so far saved a lot of money to the government and will continue to do so. The 3D printer can even aid in reducing the luggage sent with the astronauts. 

So, if nasa can benefit  from a simple 3D printing technology, imagine the business you can run aiding multiple industries. 

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