What are the Accessories Of Card Printing Services in Australia?

What are the Accessories Of Card Printing Services in Australia?

Card Printing is a process heat-sensitive ink, coated to a ribbon is heated by a print head. The ink turns to a gas and under pressure this gas permeates a plastic card surface layer, in effect staining it the color of the ink. CardSprint’s Card Printing Services is using different heat settings the amount of gas that stains the card is varied and this causes shades of that color to be printed.

card printing services

CardSprint are considered to be the best Card Printing Services. They are very well equipped to assist you with your plastic card needs. It is including  Loyalty Cards, Gift cards, Membership cards, Photo ID cards, Referral cards, VIP cards, discount cards, Smart cards, Keytag cards, Combo cards, Custom Shaped cards, your play Player cards, Plastic card printers or plastic cards accessories like Lanyards, Cardholders, and Card reels. Our  Card Printing Services team is always keen to work with you and offer suggestions and ideas of ways to get the most value from your plastic card project.

Accessories Of Plastic Card Printers Australia

There are exactly hundreds of cards available to complement your card project. There are some accessories of plastic cards the following:

  • Lanyards

Pick from a range of standard colors or have us print a personalized lanyard including your logo or another branding such as single or double-sided. Lanyards come in many different shapes and sizes. This standard lanyard is supplied with a safety breakaway clip and your choice of a swivel hook or alligator clip.

  •  Strap/Clip

If you do not prefer to use a lanyard for displaying a plastic card, Straps/Clips and they are ideal for attaching a photo ID card or similar plastic cards to clothing. They can supply these with an alligator clip or a safety pin, or both.

  • Card Holders

CardSprint Plastic card holders are the best way to protect a plastic card and it is attached to clothing or a lanyard in an environment. This may otherwise cause damage to the card.

  • Card Holder Reels

Card reels are the best way to attach an access card to your belt and it is including the benefit of being able to use the card to access the security system. Your need for removing the reel from your belt. You can just simply pull the card to the desired position and after you have swiped the card reel. It will retract and hold the card safely on your belt.

  • Bag Tag / Luggage Loops

The most cost-effective way is best attaching a card to a piece of luggage, golf bag, etc. This is made from strong, flexible PVC.

CardSprint Loyalty Software

If you are looking for software to run a loyalty program, and your existing point of sale system doesn’t have this feature built-in, then you may like to try this loyalty software. It is free with any order of 1000 cards or more.

card printing services

  • Packed with useful features
  • CardS printing services is making it easy to manage your customer database.
  • Encourage repeat business by initiating a points rewards program, and set up any number of timely promotions.
  • Card printing services are enabling you to create a history of your customer’s purchases, and selectively market only to those you need, saving you time and money.
  • They can also provide Custom Cards printing to suitable programs specific to your application which won’t break the bank.

Artwork Specifications

  • Card Size, Artwork, and Format

The majority of cards are offset printed in large sheets before lamination and punching. Card printing services need a 2mm bleed, and all-important, non-bleed information should be 2-3mm from the edge of the card to cover for movement when punching. Card printing services are used in a digital print method. These don’t require any artwork bleed, as cards are printed after punching of the base stock. Formats can accept pretty well all file types, but for best results we prefer artwork to be supplied in vector format, saved as PDF or native files such as .ai or .eps.

  • Vector files

There are two types of basic files such as bitmap and vector. True vector images are pretty well only applicable for drawn logos and text, as it is a mathematical calculation relating to the relative size and shape of the components. Card printing are cannot easily produce a mathematical formula to describe a detailed picture of a face or a nice landscape, so we need to break it up into pixels and assign a color for each.

  • Bitmap files

Bitmap files are pixel-based, so resolution and size are becoming important factors. The more pixels crammed into a square inch of image (dpi), the better the resolution and the crisper the picture looks. The benchmark resolution for printing is 300dpi. Anything higher than this is good, but from a practical point of view, you will see little if any difference in the end product without using a magnifying glass. Besides, most printers will not be able to get detail much better than 300dpi due to the nature of the machinery.

  • File types

We are often getting supplied PDF files that do not contain any vector images. For example, saving a jpeg logo as a PDF will not magically convert it to a shape. Remember, you cannot convert a bitmap file to a vector file. If you have a PDF and you zoom in, you can soon see if the text and logos are shapes. If everything is pixilated, the printing results may not be so good. Many programs enable you to produce vector files. Card printing services are used Adobe Illustrator, from which they have produced EPS or PDF files. Photoshop does have some vector capabilities, but it is quite messy. As a general rule is used Photoshop for pixel-based work only.

CardSprint always strive to exceed the expectations of their customers. It has exceptional service, a high-quality product, an understanding of the needs of its customers, and a team of people. They are dedicated to being the best service. We are very successful in this competitive industry. They have maintained a small business attitude ensuring their customers receive the best possible service. These services are started as a small, home-based operation, and although they now operate from a commercial property. They have maintained a small business attitude ensuring their customers receive the best possible service.

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