What Are the Most Common Methods for Binding Documents?

What Are the Most Common Methods for Binding Documents?

Nothing says ‘serious professional’ better than organized, presentable documents you either use for work or present to your clients. Binding a document is one sure way of not only keeping yourself organized but it also paints you as someone who respects their job.

There are countless methods of Document Centre Thesis Printing and Binding. Choosing the right type can be quite the task as you have to choose from so many options. See, each binding method tends to work well with specific print designs.

Below, we look at common top-notch binding techniques you can use to bind your documents and guide you on what works well for your project.

Book Binding

Coil Binding

What ranks top as the most preferred binding method, coil binding is best for you if you are looking for a secure way to keep your documents intact.

This method is perfect especially when you prefer easy access to your documents. With coil binding, your documents can open for up to 360 degrees. This makes it super easy to make photocopies and to take notes.

Case Binding

If you are carrying very important documents, you want to make sure they don’t fold, get stained in case there’s a spill, and that your bound document stays intact for years and years without showing signs of tear and wear. If this sounds like the kind of binding you need, then case binding is your best bet.

Ideal for hardcover books, case binding is where a hardcover is placed on top, bottom and one edge of the book. The pages are then sewn on the edge of the hardcover to secure them. The result is a professional-looking hardcover book that you can use to present ideas to clients or even offer as a present.

Perfect Binding

If you don’t want to spend too much money on binding but also want something that will prove valuable and functional enough for your needs, the perfect binding will most certainly suffice. Here, a flexible, elastic and strong adhesive is used to stick the pages on to each other on one edge. You will be able to open the pages and even fold the book as you please.

While this method is simple, it is pocket friendly and keeps your documents well organized and intact for many months. Perfect binding is ideal for binding documents like brochures, reports and so on.

Wire Binding

Planning to make a presentation soon? Using wire binding on your documents makes sure that your presentation remains structured. This, whether your documents or illustrations are open or closed. Wire binding allows for 360-degree rotation of pages which means that it’s going to be conveniently easy to take notes, draw charts and make different illustrations. Wire binding is secure enough to hold all your documents intact for ages, for as long as you need to use the documents.

The most certain way to keep your project report, book drafts and other documents looking ever new and professional is to bind them. Above are four common binding options most people prefer. These options are great if you want to increase the shelf life of your documents, keep them looking neat, and to leave a good impression on clients and prospects.

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