Define Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging

Define Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging

The packaging is a fascinating thing that has the ability to generate sales. It can initiate sales when the customer feels attracted to the packaging. The primary packaging has other roles, too, which are associated with product protection.

Most Significant Primary Packaging:

Product protection occurs in multiple manners and demands safety from the outer environment and breakage. Any attack or damage can be harmful to it. The exposure of the product to the external environment invites several germs, dust, and dirt. Indeed, it leads to contamination, which affects the quality of the product quite severely. Moreover, the entry of moisture, sunlight, etc., can also lead to drying or wetting of product, ultimately leading to product modifications. The intended purpose of the product is lost due to this.

Primary packaging is the main type of packaging which ensures the close contact of the product with itself. For instance, in the case of pharmaceuticals, it is most often used. The material packed inside the ampoule is in direct contact with the glass container. This glass container is the primary packaging. However, when it is sold in the market, it is enclosed into the cardboard packaging. The primary packaging retains and secures the product. Likewise, in the case of tablets, the tablets are packed inside the blister packaging. This blister packaging is known as the primary packaging because tablets are in direct contact with the blaster packing. However, this type of packaging cannot be used for the shipping of products.

Primary Packaging

Need for Secondary Packaging:

When the product is packed inside the primary packaging, then why does secondary packaging is required. Well, as the product is in direct contact with the primary packaging, which aims to confine the product. So, the secondary packaging has to do with the aesthetic appeal. Yes, optimizing the aesthetic appeal is necessary, which is possible through the use of secondary packaging. It is as essential as the primary packaging. No brand can survive without this packaging. It is the primary packaging that encounters the viewers at the very first. Indeed, it is the suitable packaging that requires the display of attractive designs and brand details. When it comes to shipping products to distributors, retailers, or customers, secondary packaging is used.

Secondary packaging comes in various styles and designs. It is made from Kraft, corrugated, or cardboard stock of optimum quality. The primary packaging secures the product, and secondary packaging ensures the additional layer of security to it. It must-have features of durability and reliability. Moisture or extreme temperature can affect the appeal and quality, so secondary packaging. The secondary packaging must be highly sturdy to prevent accidental hazards. These are reusable boxes made from biodegradable material. However, primary packaging cannot be used again and again. It is most often for one-time use only. In contrast, secondary packaging provides relief for storing and shipping products with optimum peace of mind.

Graphic Designing of Packaging Boxes:

Secondary boxes would be of no use when they are dull or boring in appearance. It is necessary to grant charm to secondary packaging. The secondary packaging most often comes in the flat form. The industries have to assemble them into proper shape for confining the product inside it. The sturdy boxes are subjected to the printing of impressive designs on them as per the branded product niche. However, the primary packaging also contains the brand details on it, along with the product name. But the secondary packaging has more detailing and optimum visibility of designs.

The breakage or damage of primary packaging is prevented to the optimum due to the extra shield of protection. It is none other than the secondary packaging. Almost all types of industries use secondary packaging for their products. For instance, in the case of the cosmetic industry, the demand for fascinating secondary boxes is at the peak. The reason for this is that it is the main element that allows visitors to pick up the product instantly. Plain secondary boxes are not ample for driving customers. These would perform the function of formality only. However, grasping the vast market is dependent on the quality and style of secondary packaging.

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