Everything You Need To Know About Custom Screen Printing

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Screen Printing

Around 2000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a technique, popularly known as screen printing. During that time, it was done on a wooden frame with human hair stretched on it. Above that, a leave stencil got attached in different patterns. With time evolution, the Japanese tried the same process by using woven silk to create a mesh. Here, leaves got replaced by lacquer, which acts as the stencil. The custom screen printing receives the name from the Japanese way of printing. Before going more into custom printing services, let’s first understand how it came into existence.

Launch of Custom Screen Printing

A man named Samuel Simon in 1907 was the first one to discover industrial custom screen printing. Since then, due to technology, the custom screen printing has evolved, now used on many objects. Some of the famous places where the technology gets used are tee shirts, CD covers, printed fabrics, advertisements, etc. Nowadays, even watch dials are also custom screen printed.

About Custom Screen Printing

Custom screen printing is a process where ink is applied over a screen to create a design. It is used for multiple purposes, and many companies are there working in this sector. But, the essential aspect is you need to choose a company working for a long time. Custom screen printing has earned popularity in recent times because it’s a cost-efficient way of printing compared to any other form. Any flat surface can be used here for printing, allowing you to be more flexible and creative.

Involvement in Today’s Business

Concerning a report, since 2012, custom screen printing is growing at a faster pace. Many firms are now considering custom screen printing as one of the efficient ways to get products printed, used for marketing and promotions for companies. Many sectors where custom screen printing gets effectively used in today’s time are:


When it comes to the sports industry, collectibles and souvenirs are created using custom screen printing. You must have seen tee shirts with sport’s team logo when the players wear them; it is done with screen printing. Caps, mousepads, key chains, sweatshirts are also some examples where the logo gets printed, and mostly it is used as a useful marketing tool. Companies believe tee shirts printed with the company’s logo through this process helps in advertisements. As a result, more audiences get to know about the company.

1. Fabric

The textile industry is one of the most significant examples of custom screen printing. A tee shirt is a popular product where many variations can be made with custom screen printing. Also, it can print graphics and different fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, etc. First, the material is created, and after that, the final product is designed, such as dresses, shirts, kid’s clothes, etc. Small scale start-ups are using custom screen printing for producing various kinds of clothing. Different screen printing fabrics are cushion covers, linen, bedsheets, curtains, upholstery, and more.

2. Paper

One more example where custom screen printing gets immensely used is the advertising and marketing industry. From making flyers, posters to various advertising products, designers need graphics, which is why it gets used. Also, in this sector, where minimal printing is required, custom screen printing is used. With that, digital printing has become much more comfortable now.

3. Healthcare Industry

Did you see the blood sugar strips used to measure sugar levels? They are nothing but made with a custom screen printing process. Electrochemical biosensors are present on the strips measuring the glucose level in the body. It helps diabetic patients to keep a note on the sugar level regularly. The single-use strips are of high quality, where printing is done using simple thick film. Similarly, many items are there that you will come across in your daily life, where custom screen printing is done.

Advantages of the Process

As you can see, custom screen printing’s popularity is increasing, so there need to be some advantages. Without special features, why would people like to opt for it? Keeping that into consideration, here are some benefits that you should know about the process.

  • Long-Lasting
    The composition and thickness of the custom screen printing have helped retain the design for a long time. As a result, the product can be used for a long time as there is no change in the quality because a high-grade print gets used in the design process.
  • Better Finishing
    Custom screen printing offers vibrant colors, impossible with other printing techniques. It has provided the flexibility to print any design without any complexity. When a company’s complicated logo needs to get printed on t-shirts, custom screen printing is used as it makes the entire process easier.
  • Control Various Parameters
    In custom screen printing, manufacturers have the freedom to control the parameters according to the need. With that, it helps in printing products while reducing the overall price. Also, it is known to be a flexible printing method compared to any other form.
  • Straight Forward
    The necessary procedure used in custom screen printing does not change. It is one of the reasons why companies consider it to be an effective printing process. Like technologies, the tools do not become obsolete, and also, the tools are readily available in the market.
  • Versatility
    You will not come across any other printing methods like custom screen printing when it comes to versatile. Any material can be used for printing, such as fabric, wood, flat materials, metals, etc. Due to this reason, custom screen printing is always on the list of many companies when it comes to printing on a large scale.

Final Thoughts!

Screen printing finds applications in various industries, and with time, the popularity is increasing. The cost-effective, easy printing process and minimal material usage are why enterprises consider it an effective printing process. When it comes to print customized designs, ensure to hire the best custom printing services to get the work done in a better way.

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