Office Supplies for Printing Your Own Professional Labels

Office Supplies for Printing Your Own Professional Labels

Running a business means dedicating precious time to every aspect of it in order to achieve a smooth flow in every sector. Being a successful manager means taking advantage of everything you have at disposal in terms of equipment, services and tools which can help you facilitate your work. Thus, if you run a business that sells products and provides shipping to the purchaser, you are in need of labels printed and customised for your brand. And it is the ideal solution if you can print them on your own at your office for several reasons.

Benefits of Printing Your Own Labels

To begin with, you save money, time and effort when you print the labels in your office. Sure, you invest in a printer in the beginning, but this pays off in the long run. Plus, you can print some more whenever you need or you can make a plan of printing a big quantity of labels that are to be used in the upcoming period. In this way, you save time and effort.

Another benefit of printing your own labels is that you can customise them to reflect your business by adding a logo or a picture. As the labels can be used for so many different purposes: as shipping address labels, barcodes, product descriptions or price descriptions, you can get creative with the type of material of the labels as well. But not to get ahead of ourselves, here is everything you need to know about the office supplies that you must have in order to produce professional labels in your office.

Types of Labels and Printers

As mentioned before, in order to print your own professional labels at the office you are going to need a printer. However, not every type of printer is suitable to print different types of labels. Firstly, you need to choose the appropriate type of labels you are going to use and then choose the printer. As they are different types of labels, you need to understand what are their primary purposes and in which conditions will these labels perform best.

Thermal Labels

These labels are your best solution if you are in need of labels for everyday use and with general different information. They can be excellent to use for addresses, barcodes and product prices and descriptions. The thermal labels fall into two categories: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.

Direct Thermal labels can be printed with a thermal printer. This type of labels is best to use for short term applications. Because they are printed by applying heat from the printer head, they do not need a thermal ribbon. If you choose a quality product, they will indeed be durable, yet they are recommended for short term use. The thing is that they can darken over time if they are exposed to sunlight or heat and are not expected to last over a year.

Because of these reasons, they are perfect to use in mailing, small parcel delivery, food and retail industries. In addition, they are very cost-effective as you don’t need to buy thermal ribbons to print them. Direct thermal labels can have a permanent adhesive or removable adhesive. If you need the labels to stick to the boxes during the delivery and not to worry whether they would fall off or not, you should use labels with permanent adhesive. Also, the permanent adhesive is very strong so that if you try to take the label off, it will leave a sticky residue which will make you aware of the product has been tampered with.

You can find the direct thermal labels in different label sizes, core sizes and labels per roll and in different colours. You can print whatever you like on the labels, even logs and pictures and customise it to have the stamp of your brand.

Thermal transfer Labels

On the other hand, there are thermal transfer labels that need a thermal printer to be printed. In comparison to the direct thermal labels, they do need a thermal transfer ribbon in the printer. The thermal ribbon is, in fact, a wax carbon that transfers on the label when heat is applied from the printer and that is where its name comes from – thermal transfer. They are excellent to use if you need the labels to be long-lasting and withstand a long period of time. For example, barcodes or product descriptions that need to last more than a year. Because of that, these labels are very crisp and hard wearing and usually, they have a semi-gloss finish which gives a professional look.

These labels can also be with permanent adhesive or removable adhesive and the choice of which one to take should be based on the facts mentioned previously, as the same rules apply here as well. They are available in lots of sizes too and in lots of different colours. Almost any thermal printer can be used to print these labels except for those that clearly state otherwise in the instructions.

Synthetic labels

The thermal labels can also be synthetic which are created by synthetic fibres. They are the most durable type of labels as they can withstand various weather conditions and other circumstantial conditions as well. You can best use them for outdoor purposes as the labels are weatherproof and waterproof. While the standard paper labels will disintegrate if they come in contact with water or prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight, the synthetic labels will not be damaged at all.

Moreover, synthetic labels are excellent to use in industries where the temperature conditions are extreme. For instance, they can withstand extreme temperatures over 100 degrees and stay intact and legible in freezing conditions too. Also, these labels are tamperproof which means that if you try to tear or rip them they will only stretch and it will be easily noticeable that the label has been tampered with. The fact that they are waterproof makes these labels suitable to be used in industries where labels should be put on products that contain oil or any other fluids that come in contact with the labels. By using synthetic thermal labels, the chemical will be easily labelled and identified.

Finally, these synthetic labels can also be found in matt, gloss and clear materials and they need a thermal ribbon to be printed. You can find them in different sizes and colours as well.

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