4 Roofing Solutions That Are Ideal For Tampa homes

4 Roofing Solutions That Are Ideal For Tampa homes

The roofs on homes in Tampa don’t have it easy. Imagine staying put under the harsh summer sun, and bracing the salty winds and thunderstorms for better part of the year. Tough, isn’t it? That’s why in Tampa,on your lot builders pay extra attention to the roofing of the home. If you are on your way to build your home from scratch, your contractor may want you choose from four kinds of roofing materials that are suitable for withstanding the weather extremities in Florida.In this article we are going to discuss about them.

Composite Shingles

Theseare the most popular types of roofing for American homes. Each composite shinglehas an outer layer made from asphalt while durable fiberglass makes upthe inner layer. The exposed part has a protective coat of colorful granules. The composite shingles are durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Due to the presence of fiberglass, these shingles are lighter than your typical asphalt or slate shingles and are ideal for coastal locations like Tampa.

Clay Tiles

Terracotta hued clay tiles are a standard fixture in stucco style houses that are unique to the coastal region of Florida. These tiles are heat-proof and can withstand humid sea-air. They are easy to clean and resist rot and bugs. These heavy roofing materialsmay need extra load bearing support during installation but they can last for more than 30 years. They can withstand strongwinds of speed 100 miles per hour. They will worth every bit of penny you will be spending on them.

Metal Roof

Salt present in the sea wind cause metals to rust or corrode faster. Therefore, if you are going to use metal roofing for your Tampa home, you should be careful of its composition. The metal roofs made with zinc and aluminum are ideal for this region, as these metals are high on corrosion resistance properties. Apart from the engineering perspective, metal roofing has gained  popularity also because they are easy to install, light-weight, available in plenty of colors, and available in many forms and textures. The metal roofs can withstand strong winds up to 160 meters per hour. They are built to merge in-between shingles seamlessly, and thereby they provide a leak proof way of roofing which many Floridians have on their wish list. Metal roof can last up to 50 years and more. Nowadays, a specials kind of metal roofing is available in the market; they do not get hot easily by the incident sunlight. Therefore they help in keeping the indoor air cool.

Solar Roof Shingles

Florida enjoys one of the highest numbers of sunny days in America, so installing solar shingles make every sense. The good thing is, now more homes in Florida are adopting solar roofs for both energy efficiency and durability. Solar shingles are fabricated from photovoltaic solar panels. They work efficiently like any solar cells and create consumable electricity for the home.  As these shingles absorb UV rays of sunlight to produce electricity, they can protect your roof fromthe damages caused by harsh sunlight.

When you build your home in Florida, you take up a challenge to create a harmonious living space that blends with the climate of the region. On your lot builders based in Tampa or other cities in the Sunshine State, know how to overcome this challenge. Their USP? They leverage the building materials that work best for Tampa’s tropical climate. So, when it comes to selecting the roof for your dream home, always go by your builder’s advice and use the product that is perfect for your home. Let them guide you on other aspects of the construction, as well.

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