5 Tips to Ensure Electric Safety in a Commercial Building

5 Tips to Ensure Electric Safety in a Commercial Building

Electricity is one of the most consuming elements in every commercial building. The basic need for any building or commercial property is the electric supply. Usually, commercial buildings are loaded with appliances, equipment, machinery and other various electronic items. The consumption of electric current gets higher with the increase in the electric items. Electric consumption is not the problem but the threats and risks involved is a serious issue.

From landlord electrical safety certificate commercial property to power lines, everything is instructed to reduce the level of risk involved. But many commercial buildings always neglect the essential breakpoints which invite the threats and turn into a dreadful incident. To get rid of these issues it is essential to follow the tips mention below.

Keep an Eye On Damage Outlets

In any commercial building the use of electrical appliances is normal for which many wall outlets are installed. These wall outlets are also known as receptacles have ground, neutral and hot connections. The metal in the wall outlet is covered and when they are wear out, they lose their grips on to the cords. As a result, heat build-up and turn into blowups and fires. This is the main cause of any fire incident in commercial buildings. If the buildup heat is monitored it could get stop by taking some initial steps. After it turns to fire it may not be possible for the employees to stop. Many people always get severe injuries and death in such cases. To get rid of these issues it is essential to replace the wall outlets before time. The signs that indicate replacement of wall outlets are as follows

  • Burning Smell
  • Buzzing sound or sparks
  • Plugs falling out
  • Cracked wall outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Discoloured outlets

Checking Appliances for Any Fault or Leakage

There are so many appliances and equipment’s like microwave, printers, desktop, machines and etc. in a commercial building. These electrical appliances always need inspection in order to get smoothly working. You can take services from PAT testing agencies to identify the fault or leakage in any appliance. Remember that appliances are the main cause of electric shock and can easily pick the fire with a small spark.

Special Attention to Lighting

Lighting is the most neglected part of any commercial building. Usually, lighting isn’t checked and can be the cause of electrocution. Always place the certified light bulbs and inspect the wiring of lighting system in order to know the faults if any.

Equipment Use & Maintenance

The employees training is mandatory in any commercial building. The employees interact with electrical equipment on a daily basis, therefore, it is highly recommended to let them know the safety precautions and handling of the equipment. Also you need to check appliance for the maintenance after every 6 months.

Turn off Appliances

Generally, there is no concept of removing the plug from the circuits after the work is done. Usually, the office is closed without unplugging the appliances. This could cause the over-flow of current at nights which may damage your essential appliances. Always keep in mind to unplug the electrical appliances before leaving the office.


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