Achieve the great Australian dream

Achieve the great Australian dream

Just like with so many things, Australia is following America’s footsteps when it comes to the widely accepted progression of life. Loosely defined, this term encompasses the idea that many Australians strive to one day own their own property, a milestone which is seen as a key identifier of wealth, success, and happiness. These days, professional builders in Adelaide are the modern response to this classic dream.

The Australian dream originated in the years following the close of the Second World War. In an attempt to further anti-communist sentiment, the government encouraged individual ownership. Of course, this was also a time of high employment and the baby boom, and so the emphasis was on growing and settling down. The ‘populate or perish’ policy introduced a wave of migrants to Australian shores, with many bringing skills and labour abilities. In the post war period, the Australian dream translated to owning a detached property on a quarter acre block with a garden, hills hoist and barbeque out the back. This stereotypical home was constructed en masse, and as a result a whole lot of homes looked almost identical.

These days, while many still dream of having a place to call their own, the exact shape of the dream is more flexible. The modern home is a much more personal affair, catering to families of all shapes and sizes, as well as broad ranging aesthetic tastes. No more does everyone desire that same little L-shaped, weatherboard home. It makes far more sense today to build than to buy.

Of course, building allows the choice of location as well as home. With the increasing urban sprawl, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding a great community location. Whether you want a spot by the seaside, close to good schools or in the heart of the city, you do not have to compromise.

The housing market is a topic of popular discussion, particularly how the rates are rising much faster than salaries, making it difficult for first home buyers. It is this first step that is the hardest and building smooths out this process. Firstly, stamp duty may be lower on a new build. It is only payable upfront on the land and the footings cost, not the overall house. Secondly, the initial deposit may be up to half of the cost of the deposit needed to buy an existing home. In Adelaide and South Australia, new home Professional Builders in Adelaide can apply to receive a $15,000 grant toward their project.

The big question is whether it is more affordable to build or buy, and of course it depends on a number of factors, and can go either way. In buying a home, you have the option to put in a low offer if there is little interest, but then again when you are building you are in total control, and so can experiment with cost effective materials. Compound this with the aforementioned advantages of stamp duty and government grants and it is entirely possible that a new build can end up being far cheaper than purchasing a home. Keep in mind that purchasing an existing home may involve repair or renovation to get it to your liking. Depending on its age, it may also be largely energy inefficient which will cost you in the long run.

While the classic Australian dream may have been to own a home, the modern Australian dream is to create the perfect home for you and your family. There are now endless options available to couples and families, and finding the ideal design is only a matter of creativity and ability from the right team.

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