All You Need to Know About Concrete Cutting Services

All You Need to Know About Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete cutting is a precise and controlled method of sawing, drilling and removing concrete from the surface. Skilled operators use special saws for cutting asphalt and concrete with accuracy, precision, and can carry out this odd job. Even in the past, concrete cutting services were carried out using jack hammers for breaking and removing concrete. However, that method was not just messy but also did not provide an accurate result.

Modern concrete cutting techniques involve excellent workmanship to offer a smoother and attractive finish of metal, rock, asphalt, and concrete. In order to accommodate all types of materials of different strengths and properties, concrete cutters are often found using specific diamond blades for brilliant results. Proper and standard diamond saw blades cut quickly and require a lesser amount of water for creating a sleek look and finish. A vacuum system is also used to capture dust.

Different Types of Concrete Cutting Methods

There are some common concrete cutting methods, which offer excellent result. Noted below are the 5 most common methods used:

  1. Diamond Sawing: A fast, precise and brilliant technique is diamond sawing. This technique allows you to cut rebar and similar other metals. Besides being really fast and precise, the technique is noiseless and creates less vibration than most standard saws. However, only contractors for larger works use diamond cutting.
  2. Flat Sawing: Flat sawing technique is used for floors, pavements and bridge decks that require a flat surface. It is also called slab sawing. The method uses flat saws to give fine results.
  3. Concrete Wall Sawing: This method is specific to circular blades on track-mounted machines. It is only used for cutting walls between 16 to 36 inches thick.
  4. Wire Sawing: Wire sawing is the best choice for commercial concrete cutting when other methods fail to provide an exceptional result. This method is generally used for larger concrete cutting jobs.
  5. Core Drilling: Core cutting is a method used to create opening in pipes, air conditioning vents, ventilating, and wires. It is a complex job needs precision and accuracy.

Tools Used for Concrete Cutting Services

Wire saws, flat saws, and wall saws are the common tools used in concrete cutting service. In addition, many concrete cutting services also employ other machinery for a precise and accurate result. For instance, hand-held saws with diamond blades or abrasive wheels are a common machine used for concrete cutting. Likewise, machine units powered by a hydraulic power with the two-stroke engine are also used.

Considering that the concrete cutting method is complex, it is very important to hire professionals with a team of a skilled workforce to perform this job. Only trained and certified workforce can deliver fine quality results for concrete cutting using high quality and standard machines and equipment. It is equally important to maintain the safety and health of everyone involved in the process as these methods are usually hazardous. Hence, only professionals can meet all the expectations and guidelines of safety, accuracy, precision, and health, to deliver fine concrete cutting service.

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