Everything You Must Know Before Availing Home Loans for DACA Recipients in Houston, Tx

Everything You Must Know Before Availing Home Loans for DACA Recipients in Houston, Tx

Bank denied your home loan as you are under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program? Don’t compromise on your dream of becoming a homeowner.

Regardless of your residency status, anyone can buy property in the U.S, However, you need to know the correct way and requirements.

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you make in life, and therefore, there are certain things you need to know before applying for Home Loans for DACA recipients in Houston, Tx.

How to Get a Home Loan for People Under DACA Programs?

Applying for a home loan is a child’s play. Once you find a lender and a ready-made home to purchase, you can start your application.

This application will include some general information regarding your income, employment, and personal information. Besides, you need to provide details of the property in question.

In this application, you will be asked whether you are a permanent resident or a U.S citizen. You must mention your residential status.

You have to submit a few things along with your application to get a DACA home loan, that includes,

  • Proof of earning.
  • Documents proving your legal status to live in the U.S.

The lender will go through the documents while deciding your eligibility and loan amount.

What Documents Are Required for DACA Mortgage?

Your chances of getting DACA home loan approval depend on the accuracy of your submitted documents. The documents help the lenders verify your employment status and residency status.

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit:

Current EAD or Employment Authorization Documents

This document is provided under category C33 by USCIS to prove your ability to work in the U.S and receive income.

Previous Expired EAD

It shows the lender that you were eligible for renewal of EAD, and you are likely to continue to get your EAD renewed. This means you will continue working and making payments for your mortgage.

Additional Income Proof

You will also need to submit other documents as proof of income, such as W-2 statements, federal income tax returns, and pay stub copies.

Social Security Number

The social security number helps the lender to understand how many years you have spent working in the U.S and your previous earnings.

Bank Statements

Along with consistent work history, you have to provide proof of consistent income to ensure the lender that you will continue to earn and are eligible to pay the mortgage on time.

The documents you provide as proof of consistent and good income, the higher your chances of getting a DACA home loan approval.

If you are a DACA resident in the U.S, it may not be easy to get a home loan but it is possible. You need to find a good property, arrange all the required documents as mentioned above, and start applying for a loan.

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