Common Mistakes to Avoid as You Work to Get Your New York Real Estate License

Common Mistakes to Avoid as You Work to Get Your New York Real Estate License

If you are looking to venture into the lucrative real estate industry in New York, you have already made a wise decision. The industry in the bustling city has limitless earning potential, and it is equally good in the state as a whole. Real estate can allow you to work full-time or part-time, and even as your own boss so it can work for almost everyone.

However, before you can start practicing, you need to get your New York real estate license. So, you have to have the right information about how to get a real estate license in New York, and even what you need to know about some of the common pitfalls you need to avoid. In this piece, we look at some of the common mistakes many aspiring real estate agents make at the start of their journey to acquiring their realtor license in New York.

Not researching or doing insufficient research

Unfortunately, many aspiring professionals in the property market make the mistake of not finding out as much information as they can on how to become a real estate agent in NYC. It is vital when you decide to venture into real estate in New York to invest enough time in finding information about the process, the requirements, the real estate schools or courses, and so on.

Before immersing yourself in the process of acquiring a broker license in New York, it would be best to do extensive research about the state-specific requirements, the license application process, education criteria, and so on. When you have all the necessary information, you are better placed to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary delays and setbacks.

Selecting the wrong real estate school

Choosing a reputable and accredited real estate course provider is a crucial step in your journey toward getting a New York real estate license. It is not a surprise that some aspiring real estate agents make the common mistake of picking the cheapest real estate school or the first they find in their search.

However, you must prioritize quality education and look for a school that is approved by the New York Department of State. If you choose poorly and get subpar education, you may not be adequately prepared for your exams and it may also negatively affect your long-term success in the industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle much looking for a real estate school because you can discover more here about one of the top online real estate schools that allow you to study at your own pace.

Procrastinating on your education

Each state has different but equally strict requirements about the number of hours for pre-licensing education, and in New York, licensees must complete 77 hours of training. The sad news is that some aspiring real estate agents delay completing the state-required hours and wait until almost the last minute to fulfill the requirement. The result of such poor planning is stress and poor performance in the licensing exams. If you fail to meet the pass mark, you will be forced to repeat the exam, thus wasting time and money.

Thus, you should plan your study and revision times wisely, and give yourself enough time to grasp all the concepts and prepare to tackle the exam successfully.

Incomplete or incorrect license application

Some people are not as diligent as they should be when they complete their applications for a New York real estate license. They submit incorrectly filled or incomplete applications that lead to rejection of the application or delays in the license processing. As you find details on how to become a real estate agent in NYC, you should check the required documents, and have them fill all the needed parts. Also, ensure you pay the necessary fees. Before submitting the application, double-check it to be sure it is accurate and complete so you steer away from unnecessary delays and complications.


The journey to getting your realtor license in New York is littered with pitfalls, that if you don’t avoid them, can delay the issue of the license and deal a blow to your success in the property market. Some of the common mistakes to avoid include not researching adequately, choosing the wrong real estate school, procrastinating on your real estate education, and submitting an incorrect or incomplete license application.

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