How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

When you are finally given an opportunity to build your own house, you would go to every extent to make it beautiful. The time required for the construction totally depends upon the following factors

  • Purchasing of land
  • Finding the best house map designs
  • Hiring efficient labor

The time period of the construction of houses starts the day you purchase the land and allows the labor to start the work. There are many phases of the construction of the house that includes the manufacturing of the grey structure, fitting the water pipes all over the house, electricity fitting, painting and, woodwork. The average number of months required for the construction is 5-9 months but it can go up to 12-15 months depending upon the size and the unit of the house. Single unit houses are likely to get prepared in less time as compared to the double unit houses or the ones with the basement.  When you are building a customized home, time is the biggest variable. Thre are a lot of decisions that have to make on-time along the way and if due to any reason, the decisions are delayed it may result in late completion of your house construction. The decisions taken later will extend the build time and may also make you spend more money which will result in exceeding your initial budget.

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Besides the time you are going to need for the construction of the house, you are also going to need time for the design of your house.  Designing and constructing a house is once in a lifetime opportunity for some people. Think for hundred times before finalizing the design of your house. The most important thing you need for designing a house is long term planning. You are going to spend the rest of your life with expanding family in this house. Make sure that enough accommodation is designed and this house is enough for more people. For an architectural customized designed home, the designing process can take up to 3 months. You also have to get the design approved by the relevant authority of the area. The time required for this whole process is included in the time you are going to spend on the construction of your house.

If you are going tight on schedule and have to move to your new house before the due date, you can purchase a customized home design by architecture for your ease. It will save you time but you can still make an alteration in the design.  You need to do a complete study of the spaces you are going to require in your home. Whether it is about having more than a few bedrooms, leaving some space for a garden or planning the parking area for more than 2 cars. You can always make changes before the construction is started.

Another factor that highly effects the construction duration is the weather. It is better to start the construction in warm weather and completing the house in the same weather than to start it in winters and ending it after autumn, summer and then spring. Good weather for the construction of the house is summers as it allows the wet walls to dry, roof to get fixed in the shortest duration and paint to get dry even if a few coats are applied. Not just this, summers also helps in understanding the needs of constructing the double unit house or a basement.

Hence, it is suggested by the expert builders from all over the world, especially Asian countries that it takes approximately 8-10 months long duration and summers.

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