How to Sell My Fresno House Fast

How to Sell My Fresno House Fast

Selling your home can be time-consuming and emotionally challenging with all the complexities involved.  If you are searching how to sell my Fresno house fast it could be because you are relocating and need to sell your house fast in Fresno,  or you might have inherited an unwanted property and just want to cash in.  Maybe your mortgage payments are just too high, or you just want to sell your house in Fresno for some other reason.  There are plenty of circumstances in which you might need to sell your home fast in Fresno. Read on to find out how to sell Fresno House fast at the best possible price, within the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassles.

Tips to Sell Your Fresno House Fast

There is a list of things you should consider while planning to sell your house. These tips will help you to obtain the best offer from the most qualified buyer in the shortest amount of time when you decide to sell your home in Fresno.

Tip #1 Go with a professional

Home sellers trying to do it themselves often end up selling their property for less and it usually takes a lot longer than if they used a professional.  If you sell your house directly to a reputable local home buyer (Skip Tip#2-5) or utilize an agent, it nets you a fair price within in a fraction of the time it takes to sell the house by yourself. A professional with years of experience has already experienced all the pitfalls of selling a home fast in Fresno and knows how to avoid them.  One of the most common pitfalls is not qualifying buyers the right way then having the deal fall back in your lap a month later when you find out the buyer you chose can’t actually buy your house because they didn’t qualify for the loan they needed or for some other reason.

This is very disappointing and a major life disrupter.  Especially, when you were planning on the property closing on time.  You probably already made arrangements to move now you have to put the house back on the market. At this point you’re probably thinking “who are the reputable house buyers in Fresno” or you might start searching the internet for things like “Fresno house buyers with good reviews” or “best house buying companies in Fresno.”  If that’s the case hopefully you will decide to sell to Central Valley House Buyer the best house buying company in Fresno, Clovis and the entire Central Valley.  If you choose to sell to the most reputable house buying company in Fresno then I have two words for you…. Problem Solved.

Tip #2 Figure out your price points

Determining the best listing price is one of the most crucial aspects when you want to sell your house fast. If your home is priced too low, it might sell fast but you will naturally leave money on the table (and feel bad about it), if it’s too high, you won’t receive offers and your home will get stale on the market. Negotiating for the best price for both home buyers and sellers is a normal occurrence. Research your local market for competitive pricing for your home to determine its accurate and realistic value and figure out what is the lowest price you are willing to accept to avoid having your property “lose its sizzle” and end up sitting stagnant on the market.  Savvy buyers identify stagnant listings as an opportunity to make low ball offers.  Non savvy buyers think a stagnant listing could have something wrong with it and shy away.

Tip #3 Use an Accurate Description of the Property

Be as detailed and as accurate about the property as possible. Use the best possible photos that show the property accurately. Describe the property in as much detail as you can to potential buyers (Size of the property, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc). If there are any recent changes in the house, you should mention it. The right information helps buyers determine quickly if the house meets their requirements.  This saves everyone time.

Tip #4 Use the power of the internet

The internet has changed the way houses are bought and sold. Listing your house through property websites allows buyers to search for houses fitting their description without having to physically visit the house. Today, many potential home buyers will filter for their requirements and contact the home sellers for houses that fit their requirement.

Tip #5 Fix up the house

You never get a second chance to make a first impression when selling your home fast in Fresno, you will want to begin by making sure the first time a buyer sees your home they see the best possible version of it. Improve your curb appeal by starting with the outside of the house; cut the grass, trim the bushes, plant some flowers to add color, these small projects make your home more appealing to a prospective buyers driving by and makes them want to go inside for a closer look. Once inside make them stay, by keeping the home clean and by decorating and staging the inside.

Take Action

Once you’ve decided to sell your Fresno house, Call or Text us or submit your property details at, and we will do our offsite market research and provide you with our initial fair all cash offer within 24 hours.  If our sounds reasonable then we will make arrangements to come see it in person to put that offer in writing, open escrow at a local reputable title company and close within 7 days or on the date of your choice.  No Hassles Guaranteed.

So what do you have to lose?  Why settle for something complicated when there’s an easier way, the Central Valley House Buyer way!

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