Living with a local – The Pros and Cons in Bangalore

Living with a local – The Pros and Cons in Bangalore

You belong to the other end of the country and have just relocated to Bangalore to give impetus to your career. You may have moved here to enhance your qualifications. Whatever be the reason, Bangalore is a welcoming city and is now home to a confluence of cultures and traditions. Depending on your needs, you will be looking for a flat for rent in Bangalore or a 2bhk for rent in Bangalore. With its growing populations and traffic woes, many locals are now sharing accommodation closer to workplace or college to save time commuting. Either ways there is a slight chance you could end up sharing space with a local. Pros and cons of living with a local are quite a few:

Knowledge of the geography

You don’t belong to the Southern part of the country and have no clue of the geography of the place. A seasoned local could be your tourist guide and map to help you get your foot on the door to any place you want to reach.

Hone your language skills and immerse in a new culture

Living with a local is the best way to truly master Kannada (the native language). The local is the best teacher as you will learn the idioms and slangs used in daily conversations. There is no better way to experience the Namma Bengaluru spirit than involving yourself in it as much as possible. By living with a local, you completely soak up the culture.

Sorting out daily necessities and utilities

You need to sort your bills and visit local stalls and shops to buy stuff. Tag along with a local to converse in the dialect and it will ease out the initial difficulties and eventually lead to learning the language too.

Dealing with helpers, security staff, transportation staff etc.

In all likelihood your maids, cleaners, security, bus drivers will not speak English. You need someone to translate what they are trying to convey or even deal with them on a daily basis. A local is the best person as he/she would know their background, intentions and make your stay easier.

Food joints and places to hangout

Away from home, you are always looking to find places to hangout and some good food to satisfy your gastronomic senses. Being in a new city you would want to explore the local cuisine but need someone seasoned to take you to the right places. A local who has spent a good amount of time in the city is sure to show you places where you will love spending time

Family away from home

Living with a local you may just end up finding a family away from home. With no family and no comfort home food, you will feel exasperated by the differences, like two taps in a sink. The local roomie will be your comfort. If he/she invites you over to spend time with his/her family then you have people who you can reach out too.

Clannish and dominant

When someone belongs to a place they have an inherent sense of pride. Living with a local could get intimidating because of their clannish and dominant nature.

Unwelcomed as an outsider

When living with a local there may be a gap in acceptance. Lack of knowledge of cultures, traditions and character could hold someone back from being close. However once you move past the ice breaking stage, it could be a block for cementing a strong bond.

Log on to Nest Away app to find that perfect place in the city and make your stay pleasurable and memorable. If you happen to share a room or place with a local, you might just find yourself exposed to a whole new world that you may eventually call your home.

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