Step-by-Step Guide to Using Local Mosque and Masjid Finder App in Canada

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Local Mosque and Masjid Finder App in Canada

Advancement in technology makes our life easier and faster. And now, it applies to Islam religion too. Due to Hectic schedules, engagement in various tasks, or other things, we often fail to check the latest updates in the city or pray to Allah at the wrong time. But now, you will not miss anything? How? With our CIDAC app!

It is a new-age app that will always guide in the right direction by offering accurate information on various things or resolve your queries by offering you answers to your questions. Here is a step-by-step guide on using this local mosque and masjid finder app in Canada

Download the app

To use the app, first, you need to download and install it on your device. Go to Google Play store for an Android device or App Store for iOS devices. And then type “CIDAC” in the search bar and check the results. You will find CIDAC, Canadian Islamic Dar Alfatwa Centre app. Just click on the download to have it on your device and open it.

On the location option

This app asks you to on your location option from your device to get an accurate result on the things that you search for. Do you live in western Canada, Northern Canada, in the central part, or somewhere else? The prayer times will differ based on where you live. So, when you on the location option, the app will understand where you reside and based on that provide you with information on the nearby mosque and the prayer time.

Check the things you can do

CIDAC is an all-exclusive Islamic app that can help you to be a true Islam with its various features. Let’s explore it together –

  1. Know local prayer time: You could know your local prayer times information along with sunrise, sunset, and iqama times.
  2. Submit shariah questions: You could have several shariah questions that you want to get answers to. Submit your questions. Our expert scholars will check these and then provide an accurate answer. Based on your preferences, you can choose private or public mode and get the answers accordingly.
  • Listen to Islamic radio: Want to listen to the Islamic radio of the Quran and lectures? You can choose your favorite channel and listen to it when you prefer. When a scholar will give lectures or discuss a certain topic, you will be notified through the app and you can listen to it without any chance of missing.
  1. Know about community businesses: If you are looking for a product or service and want to get in touch with the businesses that can help you with this, CIDAC will be a great choice for you. It will give you a brief description along with the contact details of various local businesses. You can search by category and find it easily.
  2. Donate: Do you want to donate for some noble cause but not sure where to donate? Well, CIDAC will resolve your issue. You can donate for any project zakat, zakat fitr, new project, Masjid operations, poverty, or something else mentioned on the app through the app and receive a receipt through email.
  3. Announcements in the city: You will come to know about all the announcements in the city with this app. Be it a marriage ceremony, funeral, update on any project completion, or something else, you will get an update on each detail.

Besides, this exclusive Canadian Dar Alfatwa centre announcements app will help you deepen your understanding of Islam, as well as its pillars. Want to know more? Download the app now!

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