Points To Clear Before Buying A Pre-Construction Condo

Points To Clear Before Buying A Pre-Construction Condo

Condominiums have been gaining quite popularity since past few years because they are easy to acquire and don’t cost very high. People in all over Toronto and GTA are quickly adopting condos for living with family as well as solo. You can acquire condos in many ways as you can buy a newly built one, user owned or a pre-construction as well. But when you are going for a pre-construction, you will be having a long list of questions that need to be answered first. So here we will have a look at the top points that arise in mind of almost everyone before making the purchase.

1. The One In The Budget

First point that you need to be aware of is which condo will easily fit under your budget. You need to be sure about how much you can actually spend and then you may get in touch with a real estate expert, let him know about your needs, desires and budget plan so that he can find the perfect condo for you. This way you will be able to save a lot of money as well, because they are more familiar with the market than you.

2. Time Till Completion

Most of the people think that a pre-construction condo can take years to be built, because of which they will grow quite old when it’s completed and you get to step into it. While this can be the case for sure but if you buy a condo from a reputed builder who has always built and delivered condos in very less time.
There can be situations though, where the laborers go on strike or worse weather conditions are there, causing the process to get delayed. But if you are dealing with a builder known for his excellent track record, then you will get your condo around the deadline for sure.

3. Deposit Protection

Mostly, the deposit that needs to be paid for the condo is around twenty percent of the total price, which is quite a great amount. This deposit is mostly under the protection of the Condominium Act but still you need to confirm what all rules and laws are applicable for refund, in case of fraud. This will help in avoiding legal disputes later.

4. Expectations Will Be Met Or Not

This is one of the primary questions that arise in your mind as you are putting so much of money, you will surely wish the condo to meet your requirement. Take your time to properly research and check the floor plans, blueprints, amenities, finishing and location to get the most desired condo. You also need to buy the condo which is being built by a renowned builder, as this way you will be getting everything built soon for sure.

5. After Purchase Perks & Support

You will also have this question in mind as to what all you will get after you move in. From amenities to services like repairs, leakages, lawn maintenance etc, you will need to know if you will be getting such a good service from the builder or not. So clear this beforehand as it is quite essential because you will be living there from there on.

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