Consider the Positives of Construction Site Security

Consider the Positives of Construction Site Security

The decision to hire construction site security should be taken seriously. Providing adequate security for your construction site can be quite beneficial to your business, as it protects your assets and people from injury after hours.

During normal operating hours, construction sites are bustling with activity as contractors and sub-contractors rush around to complete the project and manage their team. This functions as a natural barrier to theft during the day, but what about after the sun goes down? When the workday is over, the site is left vulnerable to trespassers and thieves. Since, the site is still under construction it will be left full of materials, equipment, and heavy machinery. This can provide an attractive target for thieves who seek to steal these valuables and resell them for profit.

Benefit One: Peace of Mind

Hiring the professionals to secure your construction site can allow you to rest in confidence that your assets and job materials are protected during off hours. Consider the impact of the loss of stolen materials on your overall profit.Since most construction companies get hired based off a competitive bid, you simply can’t afford to lose expensive materials to theft. Even if you have insured your company against such instances, insurance payouts can cause undue stress and take months before you see any money.

Benefit Two: Prevent Trespassing

The hustle and bustle of the construction site can often mean you don’t know every single material delivery person, contractor, or subcontractor. This can make it easy for those who are not authorized to sneak on site. A security company can take control of monitoring who is coming in and out and making sure only people that should be on the premises are allowed in. This is especially important at night as it protects your site against unwanted trespassers that seek to vandalize or simple look around the property. Anyone that should not be on the premises presents a liability risk to you. Avoid this problem altogether by securing your construction site.

Benefit Three: Rest Easy 24/7

Since, construction site security can protect your company 24 hour a day you can rest easy. Leaving your materials and equipment secured by merely a fence is risky business and can result in significant losses to your business. Furthermore, construction site security offers protection for your employees. Having on site security helps prevent the possibility of your employees being robbed on the job and/or hurt/killed. Security can also ensure someone wandering onto the property will not be injured but will be promptly removed.

Leave It to the Professionals

Hiring a construction site security company allows you access to a team of skilled and trained professionals, specializing in the specifics of construction site security. Free your mind from worry. Enjoy your home life and allow this skilled team to guard the property each night, protecting your site from theft, damage, and liability issues.

Do Your Research

If you are concerned about choosing the right company to secure your construction site, be sure to take time and do your research. Contact companies that offer the exact services and skills you are looking for. Inquire with multiple companies and get quotes in writing so you can accurately compare several companies. Always stay within your budget but consider the savings this business decision will provide. Between the savings on excess insurance, as well as liability and theft prevention, this investment will save you big in the long run.

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This is a guest post by Dan Redd from Twin City Security Denver. This is a disabled veteran owned company and he is working as an online marketing manager. We have been providing excellence in the contract security industry for nearly 40 years.

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