Real Estate Marketing Using Drones Will Grow in 2018

Real Estate Marketing Using Drones Will Grow in 2018

In this age and time where customers are well-informed of their choices, marketing is difficult. Real estate marketing, even more so.

Almost all searches for property begin online these days. And, if you’re selling the same service on the internet as hundred other people, presentation becomes your best friend. That’s why drones and Glide cams are considered as the most-applauded method of marketing a property right now.

Commercial Real Estate Is Increasingly Using Drone Marketing. Why, you ask?

Well, drones can move over otherwise inaccessible areas. They come with GPS, automated flight planning tools, thermal cameras, and sensors. They offer a unique aerial view of any property, a live-like tour experience, and a better overall picture.

Since 2015, when a real estate agent flew a drone over a property in Arizona, USA drones have been lawfully accepted as commercial photography equipment. While the US FAA has already laid down a set of legalities regarding drone usage, many other powerful countries are in the process to implement their own versions as well.

How Will Drones Impact Real Estate in 2018?

Worldwide spending on drones and robotics is expected to cross $218.4 billion with 2021.

And, in 2018, real estate marketing trends predict that drones will be a favorite for the marketers. Let’s see why that’s so!

  • Budget-Friendly Vanity Shots: Before drones, aerial view of any property had to be taken via satellite (resulting in grainy images) or choppers (causing a big hole in the wallet.). Drones are affordable. Realtors can choose to use them for every property, instead of being restricted to hire pricey professional photography sessions with an airplane for million-dollar homes only, says Lisa Mendez, a Miami realtor.
  • Trendy Way to Woo Customers: As per a study conducted by Soldbyair, 83% home sellers in the USA prefer an agent who uses drones. Houses with aerial shots were booked 68% faster than ones with non-aerial photos. Using drones sets an agent apart from the crowd. The drone tech is new but will become an industry standard that everyone will follow sooner or later.
  • Advantage over Difficult Ground Shots: Large properties, like the ones with a lakefront, acres of land around it, additional buildings, for instance, are harder to capture in a few standard camera shots. Take a picture from any one side, and the marvelously constructed piece of property may look like a two-story house built in the jungle. Drones take photos from an angle and height which is perfect to capture the complete scope of any property.
  • Drone Videos Make for Excellent Virtual Tours: A video is the best way to showcase every aspect of a house, neighborhood, and surroundings in a single take. Drone videos add a unique perspective to this deal. Aerial footage stays with the customer for a longer time. If crafted correctly, drone videos can also hit an emotional connection between the house you’re selling and the potential customer.

Drones Will Grow, Although There’s a Lot to Improve

Drones have a long way to travel. While they emerge as excellent tools to market properties, they lack in ability when it comes to close-up photos of small spaces. They make noises and may startle neighbors. And if you aren’t using a professional remote pilot, the chances of a crashed drone and a harmed human rise.

A well-designed and cleverly used drone marketing technique, however, is one of the most influential weapons in realtors’ arsenal at present. And it’s practical. Without a doubt, we’d soon witness the full expanse of drone-driven real estate marketing.
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