Reasons for moving to Philadelphia with Kids

Reasons for moving to Philadelphia with Kids

At the start, you should know that Philadelphia kids have life. This city has an embarrassment of riches. It has museums, sports, history, art—all in a walkable, diverse, and relatively affordable city. But, it still feels like a charming neighborhood at the same time. Here are some reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids.

It’s affordable

When comparing to other east coast cities, the cost of living in Philadelphia is significantly lower. Rent prices can be twice lower. Despite the fast development in the last few years and an influx of trendy restaurants and shops, home values haven’t seen a corresponding rocket skyward. So, homebuyers can still get a great deal.

This is just one of the reasons why you should start using top tips for packing and moving to Philadelphia. Also, the cultural aspects of the city are affordable too. You can eat at top-notch restaurants. And you can dine with world-class chefs without spending your entire paycheck. Plus, if you find a great job Philadelphia’s exploding economy, you’ll live quite comfortably here. So, start using top tips for packing and moving.

Money Home Save - Reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids

Reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids – Plenty of green space

This city has ample green space. Rittenhouse and Washington Square Parks are well-kept and beautiful sanctuaries within the bustling Philadelphia. The city is also home to the 9,200 acres Fairmount Park. That’s the largest city-owned park in the nation. It has miles of trails and easy access to the Schuylkill River. So, relocating with your family with some assistance here means you won’t be disconnected from the natural world. This is one of the best reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids.

The City is family-friendly

There was a time in the city’s past when crime rates, race riots, and poor school systems had families moving out. But, with the proactive approach, things get better. Now, crime rates are on the decline, schools have improved radically. So, families are returning to the City Center’s neighborhoods. And if you’re leading a stress-free move with a reputable moving company, consider these neighborhoods:

  • Bella Vista
  • Chestnut Hill
  • Spring Garden

These areas have an excellent assortment of family homes. Also, they have access to good school systems and outdoor space. Plus, families have access to a wide variety of museums and other attractions.

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Location – One of the best reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids

Philadelphia’s location is great for many reasons. The first one, it’s central enough. That means it rarely gets any extreme weather and natural disasters. Then, it never gets too hot or too cold. The average temperature across the year is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a good reason to hire the movers and relocate here. But, when searching for them, use sites like Because they are reputable.

More, relocating to Philadelphia with kids means closeness to top-notch colleges and universities. Kids will have access to sports events, guest lectures, and more.

Another reason why location is one of the best reasons for moving to Philadelphia with kids is proximity to the big cities. So, you’ll be close to New York, Boston, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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