Reasons to never leave Long Island

Reasons to never leave Long Island

It’s absolutely okay to move once in a while, and there are several reasons to do that. A new job, personal situation, or a simple need to find a better place and a more pleasant living atmosphere. However, there are some places that are so good to its residents, that moving to another location would be a shame. If you live in Long Island, you may wonder if that is the place we’re talking about. We’ll say no more, but only state the top reasons to never leave Long Island and if you are thinking about moving, we hope we convince you to call Long Island your new home!

It’s a short ride away from NYC

The best thing about Long Island is that you have a chance to be a part of the never-ending life of NYC, without having to live there and spend a lot of money. Whether you are taking a train or driving a car, NYC is just a short ride away.

This is especially important if you find a great job in NYC. You actually don’t have to move, since you can easily commute from Long Island.

If you love the beach, Long Island is the perfect place

One of the best reasons to never leave Long Island is the proximity to the beach. And not just any beach, but some of the most popular destinations in the area. This is a very handy feature since you can spend any day off sunbathing and just chilling near the ocean. Here are some of the top-rated beaches on Long Island:

  • East Hampton Main beach – A beautiful relaxing spot to have a picnic on and enjoy the soft white sand and the sound of waves.
  • Jones Beach State Park – A beach with a lot of people, soft sand, calm waves, and many activities.
  • Watch Hill – The place with a lot of nature, without man-made things, a true place to enjoy a quiet day on the shore.
  • Hither Hills – If you love camping, you will be happy to hear that this area offers 189 campsites!

woman on the beach thinking about the reasons to never leave Long Island.

The seasons

It’s amazing not to be stuck with one kind of weather all year round. People often get bored with all the sun, or all the cold days. On Long Island, you have it all! You can enjoy both spring and fall, as well as hot and cold days in the summer/winter seasons.

You can visit amazing historical locations

On Long Island, it’s not all about fun and games. You can also have an amazing historical experience by visiting some of the sites. There is the Old Bethpage Village, as well as Stony Brook Carriage Museum, Old Westbury Gardens, Oheka Castle, and many others. Bring your family to a fun day of learning something about history and have an amazing weekend right here, on Long Island.

Wine is great

There are some interesting spots to go wine tasting, which is definitely one of the reasons to never leave Long Island.  To enjoy vineyards, you don’t need to go all the way to the Napa Valley – but you can visit the North Fork, as well as some of the Hamptons vineyards. This is a great chance to bring your friends and family who visit you and enjoy a day off without traveling for a long time.

A person pouring some wine in a glass.

People are friendly and generous

Sharing is caring – a sentence that is really true here, and is one of the reasons to never leave Long Island. People who live on Long Island and particularly generous and helping, so they always find a chance to help others – whether it is a holiday or helping those in need after a hurricane, there are always people to help those who need it.

Water parks are a load of fun

Even though they are not the biggest in the state, Long Island water parks offer a lot of fun activities. There’s Farmingdale’s Adventureland Calverton’s Splish Splash, where you and your family can have a watery fun whenever you want!

A couple going down a slide in one of the water parks in Long Island.

How to relocate – Long Island edition

After you made the decision to call Long Island your new home, it’s time to plan the relocation. Yes, moving can be stressful, but with the right preparation method and safe moving options, you can have an easy move to Long Island.

Choose the perfect neighborhood

Long Island offers a variety of options when it comes to neighborhoods. Depending on your lifestyle, be sure to find the perfect one, that suits your needs.

Hire a reliable moving company

A moving company that knows the Long Island area well will be of great help when relocating. A reliable company is a must – hire someone who you can really trust, like Capital City Movers NYC. This way you will be sure that your items are delivered using the safest and the fastest route possible. Make a wise choice and save yourself from moving scams.

Have everything planned

One of the unpleasant aspects of moving is accidents, surprise costs and a lack of time to manage everything. That’s why, having a proper plan will make sure you do everything on time, and even help you speed up the moving process. It’s not unusual to start your moving preparation weeks, even months in advance. This will give you enough time to pack everything and find out more about Long Island and your new home.

Pack smart

When it comes to packing, it is one of those tasks most people hate. It takes time, it’s often difficult, and sometimes dangerous. That’s why you should consider all the packing and moving tips we have for you and be sure to pack smart. This means you should declutter before you start packing, to reduce the packing time and also pay less for the moving expenses. Also, be sure to protect your items from damage, to avoid unnecessary costs and cleaning up. And finally – don’t do everything by yourself – if you don’t get professional packing services, ask your friends to help you out.

After your successful move, you can enjoy your new LI home. We are sure these reasons will make you never leave Long Island and have a beautiful and happy home right here.

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