Pleasant Place To Live After Retirement Malaysia Charm Easy To Own Foreign Land

Pleasant Place To Live After Retirement Malaysia Charm Easy To Own Foreign Land

When I meet retired customers, most of them dream of rural life, but I can’t decide easily. People who have been living in apartments for over 20 years in Seoul can’t go abroad without a single person. Most of the time, even if I go abroad, I prefer urban areas where I have lived or have been

involved in the past. ” In fact, one out of four survey respondents cited western urban areas such as San Francisco and Los Angeles as places to live after retirement. It’s not because I don’t like leisurely foreign resorts. The problem is that there is nothing to do there.

For retirees who want to live a second life after retirement, work was more urgent than recreation. Kang Gong-seok, CEO of Tomo Consulting, said, “Although life is attractive because it is the beginning of a new life, it is important to be isolated.” In addition, he did not want to live far away from his children after retirement. Gangnam rich people are more likely to live in the United States, so they often go to the United States to see their children. It was also noted that there are frequent transportation to and from Seoul.

But the cost of settlement is not formidable. Detached houses in places where Korean Americans, such as Los Angeles County and Orange County, are available for purchase of at least 500 million won in cash. Locally, single-family home prices are peaking and falling, but are still trading between $ 500,000 and $ 700,000. Renting a house is not easy either. With the recent rise in rental demand, rental costs have risen more than 20%.

US LA County single-family home 500 million won, Canada White Rock monthly rent costs 2 million won

This is not just a problem in the western United States. Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada, are also popular as retirement immigrants, but their disadvantages are high living expenses and settlement costs. In Sydney, Australia, the average price for single-family homes is about $ 600,000. It’s no different from the United States. Single-family home rentals are also expensive, at $ 480 per week. Vancouver, Canada, is less than Sydney, but it costs between $ 450,000 and $ 550,000 to buy a home. In Malaysia you need to know about home buy or rent service no need go out just search and check all your favorites in one place.

Malaysia Every Thing You Need to Know

As a result of this situation, many people have not been insisting only on urban areas in recent years. This is why Australia’s Hobart and Canada’s White Rock are injured. Hobart, located in southern Australia, is considered suitable for aging due to its low humidity and low temperature changes. The excellent culture and medical facilities are the reason why many people visit. In Hobart, where the Korean community has already formed quickly, it is hard to find rentals or items for sale. Fortunately, the housing market is relatively stable compared to other regions. Kwon Kang-soo, CEO of Korea Institute for Entrepreneurship Real Estate, said, “Australia is good for four seasons of climate change. The gap between the rich and the poor is also good for retirees. ”

Canada’s White Rock is also a great place to enjoy nature while adjoining Vancouver. Due to the abundance of sunshine, it is well known as a favorite region for white people. The number of successful retirees has increased and community levels have risen. In the case of high-rise condominiums preferred by Koreans, monthly rent costs around 2 million won.

Hobart, Australia Low humidity and no temperature change Chiang Mai, Thailand

After retirement, those who did not have enough money preferred Southeast Asia, which is relatively close to Seoul, including Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Among them, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is one of the favorite places for retirees. Johor Bahru single-family homes and condominium rents are inexpensive at 300,000 ~ 600,000 won per month. Along with Singapore, only Southeast Asian countries are allowed to own foreign land. There are also advantages in terms of taxation such as inheritance tax, gift tax, and acquisition / registration tax. Yang Jae-mo, a professor of real estate at Hanyang Cyber University, explained, “Johor Bahru is not only excellent in culture and medical facilities, but also a good place to live in old age because the average temperature is not big and humidity is not high.” If the humidity is high and the temperature is low because of the physical characteristics of the elderly it is difficult to live a pleasant life. Yang Hae-geun, head of the real estate team at Woori Investment & Securities, said, “Warm climate, cheaper prices than Korea, low crime rate, well-equipped infrastructure, various foods and beautiful nature, and English as the official language are the reasons for recommending Johor Bahru.”

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second city, is also a popular retirement destination. Unlike the weather in other Southeast Asian countries, it is quite cool in summer. Even in summer, daytime temperatures are only around 20-25 degrees. Large hospitals, shopping facilities, abundant gourmet foods, and stable Qiando Chiang Mai’s appeal. Chiang Mai, with a population of 250,000, already has 50,000 foreigners. Chiang Mai Lam Hospital has English-speaking medical staff, making it easier for foreigners to receive medical care. Even the best international schools with low tuition fees are located in only six cities, so there is no problem with their children. Yoon Hee-sook, head of Shinhan Bank’s Bundang PB Center, said, “We can enjoy abundant life with low cost of living.” “We can enjoy a similar dietary life like Korea and have good medical facilities.


Not only Malaysia and Thailand, but also the Philippines are emerging as retirement immigrants. Park Haeng-soo, head of KB Kookmin Bank’s real estate team, said, “There is no burden for access as it is 4 hours away from Seoul. Resorts and other recreational facilities are well developed, and many Koreans are advancing, so there are no problems with the diet and local adaptation such as Korean restaurants. “It’s also fascinating to be able to speak English.”

Fortune magazine ‘s four best cities to live after retirement’

Argentine San Rafael, Seattle, USA

Fortune magazine selected the four best retirement cities on June 13, according to the tendency of retirees.

First is Athens, Georgia, the university city for lifelong learners. Retirees are flocking to Athens, driven by relatively low prices, home prices, and the rich learning environment offered by the University of Georgia. Athenian authorities estimate that the population aged 65 years or older in Athens will more than double in 2030. Not only the University of Georgia but also the ‘Ossie Lifelong Learning Institution’ are well-established. Retirees may travel or take classes with former university professors. The population of Athens is 11,672, with an average home price of $ 116,000.

Second, I would recommend Seattle to Washington, USA, where I would recommend going to a big city if it was urban. Because more and more retirees are looking for daily happiness instead of sunbathing and golfing in the conveniences the city offers. As a reflection of this, populations over 65 are flocking to big cities like Denver, San Diego and even New York. Living in a big city is ideal for those who want to continue working after retirement. Among the big cities, Seattle is very popular in terms of city size, quality of life and cultural standards. Seattle is well known for its large number of art-related businesses and institutions. Seattle’s population is 60,860, with an average home price of $ 361,000.

Third, for those who love nature, I recommend St. George, Utah, a mountain city. Every October thousands of athletes over 50 gather in St. George. To participate in the World Senior Hunters Competition. Older men and women compete in various sports, from archery shots to triathlons. However, this wide range of outdoor activities is suitable for active retirement age populations. Hiking and camping are available at any time, and the main parks are adjacent. About 16 kilometers from St. George is Snow Canyon State Park and only 45 minutes from Zion National Park. It is also 3 hours drive to the north of the Grand Canyon. The population is 75,097 and the average home price is $ 155,000.

Fourth, brave explorers recommended Mexico, Europe, and South America. Among them, San Rafael, Argentina’s medium-sized city, is attractive for its low prices and low prices. According to the International Research Association survey, living costs for San Rafael are only three-quarters of the US average. 1 hour 30 minutes by plane from Buenos Aires. Two rivers extend from the Andes, and you can enjoy rafting and fishing. Argentina’s most varieties of grapes grow and are famous for producing wine.

If you’re an enterprising, wine-saving retiree, you’ll earn a lot. However, unfortunate land transaction service environment is unfortunate for foreigners, Fortune pointed out. In order to pay less, the price of the property is sometimes lower than it should be, so be careful. The population is 173,000 and the average home price is about $ 150,000.

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