Serviced Office Space for Rent with Servcorp Hong Kong

Serviced Office Space for Rent with Servcorp Hong Kong

The colorful city of Hong Kong is no stranger to innovation. In fact, it is a top destination for entrepreneurs and tech businesses, because the market here is very adventurous. There is a booming digital and VR scene, with exciting inventions appearing almost every month.

Many businesses decide to start their journey by finding a serviced office space for rent – Servcorp Hong Kong is a popular choice. This vendor is highly regarded and offers some of the most luxurious workspaces in Asia. There is no better place to launch a business.

This article will give you advice on searching for a serviced suite and what to do when you find the perfect office.

Double Check the Terms

While serviced leases are inherently negotiable, it’s still best to secure good terms the first time around. Among other things, make sure the broadband speed is up to scratch. Almost all modern businesses rely heavily on online communications. It must be fast AND reliable.

Treat Yourself to a Fast Start

Often, serviced tenants get a choice of furnished and unfurnished suites. The furnished offices may cost a little more, but the increase is negligible. Plus, it’s going to cover the cost of furniture, décor, and moving services. It’s an easy to save money, even as you’re spending it.

Ask Your Employees

You shouldn’t relocate anywhere without consulting your staff first. They are the beating heart of your business. If they’re not happy, they won’t give you the best performance. So, take some time to ask for their opinions. If the office provider allows it, arrange a guided tour and take some photos as you pass through. You can show them to your staff.

Arrange a Facility Tour

Speaking of tours, the majority of serviced facilities are very happy to show prospective tenants around. After all, how can you know if the environment is a good match without seeing it in person first? Don’t forget to ask lots of questions as you go. It is a fantastic opportunity to grill the onsite staff and confirm what you will and will not get as part of the rental package.

Chat with the Front Desk

If possible, talk with the receptionists and front desk staff. They are the visible face of the company and a representation of how it operates. If you plan to use their services – phone answering, mail handling, etc. – it’s important to know that they can fulfil your needs. If you arrange any onsite meetings, they’ll be the ones to greet your clients. Pick carefully.

Take Heed of Feedback

One easy way to get the measure of a place is to listen to what people think about it. In the case of serviced offices, current tenants are particularly valuable. Alternatively, you could opt for a high profile provider with an international reputation. There are several of these office buildings in Hong Kong, and they have excellent ratings.

Mine for Local Talent

Once you know what neighbourhood you’d like to move into, you can start scouting for talented recruits. Over the last few years, Hong Kong businesses have struggled with a lack of talent. Many of the brightest are moving overseas. So, if you’re keen to become a success here, you’ve got to dig in deep and get close to the locals. Become a part of the community.

Why a Serviced Lease is Your Secret Weapon

It is best to retain as much agility and flexibility as possible, especially while you’re still a young company. Serviced offices can help with this by providing open-ended leases and variable terms. The decision to eschew rigid, long-term contracts isn’t a sacrifice. In fact, it can make your business stronger than ever.

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