Some Questions Worth Asking Buyers Agent in Advance!

Some Questions Worth Asking Buyers Agent in Advance!

If you are new in a city, you may need certain help to find a suitable property that can make your stay comfortable. However, it is really a painstaking job to find a suitable property that meet your requirements and at the same time stays within your budget.

In such situations buyers agent are the only person who can help you completely. They stay beside the potential owner during the search, help in negotiation and assists in final paperwork. While you appoint agent to help you in the process, you should also make sure that he/she is the right person you have hired. Let’s find how to check that:

How much idea he/she have in property industry?

The buyers agent should have adequate knowledge on the present market condition and can guide the customers accordingly. Hire someone who is property market savvy and knows every single thing of the market, especially in the locality.

How much experience does he/she have?

Experience is a factor that helps in identifying the quality of the buyers agent. A good sign of such an agent is his/her experience in identifying properties according to the customers’ budget. He/she should possess significant experience in negotiating with the seller and handling paperwork.

Does he/she have good feedback?

Along with experience, good buyers agent should have good recommendations or remarks.

How much time it would take?

As you can’t wait a month to finally decide your new home, so make sure that the Buyers Agent can show you prospective properties in a week or so.

Last but not the least, you should ask him/her about the fee. Usually, the agents charge nominally, but in some cases they may charge you unexpectedly high. So, make sure to clear fee related queries to avoid last minute confusions.

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