How to Survive Selling Your Home

How to Survive Selling Your Home

Owners of many Nanaimo homes for sale often consider taking the drastic step of living in a hotel while their house is on the market.

Yes, we’re joking.  Kind of, sort of.

Having your home on the market for sale and living in it at the same time can definitely be an emotionally draining experience.  But it’s not an impossible thing to do while keeping your sanity at the same time.

Here are a few things that might actually make you look forward to living in your home while you’re selling it.

Note: Always consult with your Realtor before taking these steps – after all, she’s the expert and that’s why you chose her to sell your house.

Schedule A Routine

First, consider allowing your home to be shown only during certain times and days of the week.  This step is a little tricky and depends on a lot of factors such as how many other homes are on the market, how unique your home is compared to others, and whether you’re in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

You don’t want to make your home too difficult to show, because then it can sit on the market for weeks on end.  But if done correctly, showing your home only during certain times can add a certain ‘exclusivity’ to your house.

Doing this also lets your real estate agent make an exception for a highly qualified buyer.  She can tell the buyer that normally showings aren’t allowed over the dinner hour, but she discussed it with you and you’re willing to make an exception.

It’s a good psychological technique and will go a long way toward making your place stand out from the other Nanaimo homes for sale.

Eat Well, Cook Less

Next, you can reduce the stress of selling your home by cooking less and ordering in more. One of the nice things about today’s grocery stores is that they stock a wide variety of nutritious, prepared foods that can quickly and easily be heated up at home.

This makes cleaning up easier, minimizes any lingering cooking odors from last night’s dinner, all while keeping you and your family happy and healthy at the same time.

Do A Drill

Third, make selling your home a family project.  The kids can be responsible for keeping the yard neat and clean.

Your spouse’s job might be to make sure the window blinds are open, and the accent lights are on throughout the house.  Your job could be to ensure that there’s a fresh supply of marketing flyers on the kitchen island – promotional material that’s been professionally designed and printed by your Realtor.

Plan Ahead

Another key in getting your home sold in today’s Nanaimo real estate market is to plan ahead.

In addition to not having to do things at the last minute, knowing what to expect and when to expect it help to make living in your home while selling it at the same time so much easier.

Some things you can do before putting your home on the market for sale include:

  • Improve your curb appeal with freshly planted flowers, groomed grass, and trimmed trees & shrubs
  • Declutter both inside and out
  • Fresh interior paint in today’s trendy designer colors
  • Make easy updates by replacing electrical outlets, door handles, and bathroom fixtures
  • Use accent lighting to brighten a room and area rugs to pull a room together

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