Take Advantage of an Unusual Property

Take Advantage of an Unusual Property

Too often would-be homeowners take one look at a sloping block and are immediately turned off. We have been told that sloping land is too much work, and that even the Best Adelaide Builders teams find it difficult to deal with. In reality, this is simply not true. A builder with imagination, talent and of course a strong eye for design will be able to take this unique feature and make it the hero of the property.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in dismissing sloping land is assuming that it needs to be flattened to be useful. This would cost a great deal of money, and the worst part is that it would eliminate the distinct character and charm of your block. They key is not to make your new place boring, but quirky and unique. So long as the soil quality is there and the land is stable, which will be confirmed during an initial site test, there is no reason why your sloping land needs to change one bit.

Split level homes are the most common way to use sloping land. Not only does this prevent the need for expensive leveling, but it also looks spectacular. Creating various levels and layers, separated by smaller sets of stairs creates an interesting visual dynamic. A split level home also has the potential for more rooms to gather that beautiful northern sun than is usually possible. If your sloping home has a large north facing exposure across different levels, make sure you take advantage of this and work with your builder to create large windows in living, kitchen and bedroom areas.

The other major plus point for this staggered home design is that it offers the potential for incredible views from different levels. Regular two story homes are lucky to have a balcony that gets a glimpse of nature, whereas properties situated on a hillside have a panoramic view to drink in. Many years ago, each new home was carefully considered and built according to the site on which it would be built. Sadly, now with so many prefabricated and identical houses going up, some builders have lost this skill to refine the home to fit the property. For a sloped build to be done correctly, a trusted and established builder company should be sought.

Other examples of supposedly difficult blocks use the same principle, of turning quirks into unique selling points. Narrow blocks should build up rather than out, and encourage some clever design in the garden. Triangular blocks present a whole new set of challenges, but are enjoyable for talented builders. Whatever the case, a builder should focus on the context of what they are building. Building a home rather than a house involves considering the property as a whole, and how a structure atop it will complement it.

While many people assume a sloping block with be unattractive to buyers, this is certainly not necessarily the case. There can be an increased sense of grandeur inside if the design is well-executed, incorporating mezzanines, sunken levels and landings. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking a stunning view are also incredibly rewarding selling points that many flat-blocked properties can never boast.

There is nothing worse than a home that is plonked upon a dugout hillside. It doesn’t fit, and looks clunky. This is the mark of a lazy or inexperienced builder, and sadly those homeowners will have to live with the consequences including poor lighting, ventilation and plumbing problems. Beechwood Homes is the Adelaide Sloping Builders specialist which will deliver stunning, original designs that make your property the hero.

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