Text Message Marketing for Real Estate

Text Message Marketing for Real Estate

Over the past years, the real estate industry has grown. It sometimes may be tough to stand out from the competition. Real estate agencies use various promoting ideas, such as social media, mail, email, local newspapers, and magazines. Yet, one of the most effective, affordable, and easiest ways to reach the customers is text message marketing. 

Real estate text message marketing allows you to engage buyers with information about properties and prices by sending SMS or MMS. SMS marketing is quick, reliable, and easy. 

How SMS Marketing Works 

Text message marketing has two forms: short message service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS). SMS allows you to send only short texts to mobile devices. Whereas with MMS, you can include pictures, video, or audio content in the message. When combined with photos or videos, text messages can move the buyer into a buying action more quickly than email or direct mail. 

Real estate text message marketing is an immediate and affordable marketing tool to deliver time-sensitive information. Text marketing is a powerful marketing channel. It can be used to accomplish certain business goals. Text messages keep you and your company in the customer’s mind. And whenever they need real estate agencies, they will remember you in the first place. 

Texting Statistics 

To back up the fact that SMS marketing is a super effective channel, here are some numbers for you.

  • Surveys reveal that over 91% of adults use mobile phones, with half of them using smartphones.
  • Texting has become the most preferred method of communication for 68% of mobile users.
  • 58% of consumers mentioned they would view a business more positively if they received an offer through text message. 
  • 2017 report from the National Association of Realtors found that 62% of all home buyers prefer their agent to send property info via text message.
  • According to Pew Research Center, text messages have much higher response rates than emails. The numbers are clear, text marketing is an effective way to reach interested customers.

Email Vs. SMS

How to Get Started 


Keywords are short customizable words that entice people to text your company, through which permitting you to text them in the future. You can set up a message with more info to be sent automatically after someone opts in with your keyword. 

Keywords attract new clients with special words and call-to-action phrases. In order to get started with text marketing for real estate, your first step is to build a keyword list. For instance, you can invite them to text a keyword to receive information about properties, changes in business hours, or notifications of upcoming events. 

Personalized SMS Offers 

Personalizing your text messages makes your customers feel important. It helps you say something that’s actually helpful and targeted. Personalized real-estate offers will make your relations between your client blossom.

Personalizing your messages makes it clear for the recipient that the message applies directly to them. Using the recipient’s name, location, or previously-specified areas of interest lets them know that this message is for them. This way, recipients don’t ignore your messages after reading them. 

SMS Auto-Responders and Reminders 

Similar to email auto-responders, SMS auto-responders allow you to send an automated response via text message when a prospect sends you the keyword. Common auto-replies include price updates, new listings, thank you letters. And even when you are unable to reply in person, an automated response will let the sender know that you’re unavailable but will reconnect shortly. 

Since you don’t have to type the response all by yourself, you can write the autoreply a little longer. This will ensure the client knows when you’ll be in touch. Sending automated reminders will also keep your customers in touch. SMS Client Reminder is a flexible and straightforward solution to remind clients of important events, important dates, and cancellations. 

Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is much more affordable for real estate agents as compared to continually printing classified ads. With SMS marketing tools, you can create customized ads that include everything buyers want to know about a property. You can also send bulk SMS to existing customers that appear to increase brand loyalty. 

If real estate agents give customers information about new listings, it saves people from doing the research themselves and generates more leads quickly. With SMS marketing, people don’t need to jump through hoops for listing information. As most real estate text messages to clients are automated, it saves agents time and effort switching between platforms and managing multiple services. 

So, text message marketing is a great way of promoting your real estate agency. First, everyone has phones nowadays. Second, SMS marketing is affordable, easily automated, and quick. With text messages, sellers reach more buyers, buyers become leads more often, and agents close more sales.

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