7 Best Autism Spectrum Career Paths

7 Best Autism Spectrum Career Paths

Like all neuro-typicals, people on the autism spectrum perform best in jobs that maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. But they should ideally seek a spectrum career which is structured and follows a rigid routine. Most people with autism have poor short-term memory and they should ideally avoid such jobs and those that require interpersonal work.

Here are the seven best career paths for those on the spectrum.

1. Information technology (IT)

A number of positions in IT are specialized and performed ‘behind the scenes’. Backend IT work is one of the best careers for autism spectrum. People with autism can excel in roles like web developer, network engineer, web designer, and database administrator. These positions require minimal or no ‘client-facing’ tasks. The jobs are not carried out in an agile environment.

2. Engineering

Like IT, there are a number of technical positions in engineering that are very attractive to people who are detail-oriented. If you have strong skills in science and mathematics, or may want to pursue an autism spectrum career in chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical, or biomedical engineering, then these fields are perfect for you.

3. Research

People on the spectrum can leverage their interest in facts to follow a career in research. The tendency of a person with autism to be unemotional and logical is an advantage in research because it will help him/her to present the information sans any bias. Possible jobs include research assistant, title abstractor, reference librarian, fact-checker and genealogist.

4. Art and design

Many people on the spectrum are visual thinkers and excel in creating 2D and 3D images. Such skills can be converted into a number of industrial and creative careers like animator, computer aided designer (CAD), architect, photographer and illustrator.

5. Manufacturing

People on the spectrum are known to perform best while working in a structured environment. They do well in jobs like manufacturing or in a field that relies on a routine and constant process. If you like work that involves assembling components, a spectrum career as a machinist, fabricator, baker, woodworker, machine operator, welder or assembler could be a perfect position.

6. Accounting

If you like mathematics, a career which focuses on numbers could be a great option. Accounting, like research, have several related jobs that require various skill education and levels. People on the spectrum can pursue a career as a chartered accountant (CA), tax preparation specialist, billing specialist, accounts payable clerk, and bookkeeper.

7. Shopping and logistics

The logistics and freight handling industry offers different types of jobs. Confident drivers can take up driving jobs that range from operating a tractor-trailer to delivering mail on rural routes. You can also build a spectrum career as a package handler, goods mover, mail processor and load supervisor. Many of these jobs are performed in-house.

8. Animal science

If you love animals and enjoy working with pets, a spectrum career as veterinary technician, obedience trainer, groomer, pet sitter, or dog walker could be a rewarding option. Individuals comfortable with large animals can work as a livestock handler, equine trainer, or zookeeper.

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