Careers Advice for Autism People

Careers Advice for Autism People

While it’s true that children on the autism spectrum often face a number of educational and social challenges, they can still grow up into employed adults if help and support is extended by caregivers and parents.

A 2017 Drexel University report has revealed that only 40 percent of adults on the autism spectrum have paid employment. The study indicates that it doesn’t represent all autistic adults, but only those who had access to the Developmental Disabilities (DD) services. The report also doesn’t state whether the paid work was regular, contractual or part-time. Whatever be the case, it’s true that career advice for autism is much needed.

Several schools and colleges, to counter this problem, offer a transition program from school to work. These programs extend autism employment opportunities to graduates. That aside, organizations like SourceAbled impart careers advice for autism.

Companies offering autism career opportunities

A number of top multinational companies have opened up autism career opportunities. An April 2020 report by VeryWellHealth states that companies like Microsoft, Ernst and Young, Walgreens, SAP, Freddie Mac, Ford, Spectrum Careers, Hewlett Packard (Australia), Tower and Watsons, Vodafone, Spectrum Designs, and Specialist are recruiting people on the autism spectrum. These companies are also extending careers advice for autism.

Tips to choose the best autism careers for autism

Jobs for people on the spectrum are scarce. They are even harder to get. However, it’s important that a person on the spectrum matches a job to his/her skills, talents, and capabilities. This will ensure that he/she stays employed in the job for a long-term.

Here are some points to consider while choosing a job

  • Pick a job which complements your personality and interests
  • Always work to improve your social skills
  • Keep practicing your talent to gain confidence
  • Pick an organization which respects and understands your disability
  • Always be honest and upfront with your company regarding your disability

Jobs for non-verbal autism

Some of the best jobs for people with non-verbal autism spectrum disorder include librarian, janitor, factory assembly work, restocking shelves, warehouse management, recycling plant, garden and lawn work, fast food crew, data entry, and flower arrangement.

Jobs for people with Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism

People with high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome have a special set of skills that help them to excel in some specific jobs. Some great jobs include computer programming, photography, drafting, equipment designing, accounting, car mechanic, taxi driver, mathematician, physicist and animal trainer.
Landing gainful employment and building a career is an adventure for most people. But for those on the spectrum, it’s almost an entirely new milestone to reach. Attaining this milestone requires support from family and friends as well as a solid careers advice on autism.

While careers in autism for adults have increased over the years, job choice for those on the spectrum is still limited. With proper careers advice for autism, a big unemployed and underemployed section of the society can get employment and contribute to the growth of the economy.

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