How To Search Disability Jobs Near Me

How To Search Disability Jobs Near Me

Finding a job is never easy, irrespective of the market condition. It often becomes more challenging if you are differently-abled. People have a tendency to make assumptions. Interviewers often feel uncomfortable about what to ask a differently-abled job candidate. They also worry that the candidate’s disability in one area would carry over to the others.

Searching disability jobs near me

Most experts offer the following to tips to land the best disability jobs.

1. Focus on what you can do   

As a job seeker, you have to convince your prospective employer that you are the best candidate for the position. Ask for accommodation, if you need one, as a differently-abled individual hunting for the best disability jobs. Phrase your words in positive terms. Say, ‘I can attend the meeting for disability jobs near me, as long as I get a wheelchair at my door.’ Interviewers are always convinced by people who explain to them what they need, instead of someone saying, ‘Sure, I can do it’. Be detailed in your explanation. For instance, if you need to go from one building to another many times a day on a wheelchair, tell the interviewer that you will need a ramp to do so.

2. Never discuss more than necessary 

If you are asked to attend an interview on the third floor of a building which has no elevator and you can’t climb the stairs because of some physical disability, tell the interviewer in advance. In many cases, the longer you delay in disclosing you disability, the better off you are. However, if the disability is visible, it’s always a better idea to acknowledge it. But the highlight should always be on your capabilities. State the facts about your disability while pointing out that it won’t interfere with your abilities to do the work. Discussing more about your disability may cause the interviewer to believe that you are trying to extract some sympathy.

3. Don’t just show, tell

Highlight the work that you have done in your previous jobs. If you don’t have any prior experience of internship or in volunteering, demonstrate what you are capable of doing. While this is true for all persons, it’s more important for differently-abled people hunting for the best disability jobs. 

4. Be confident  

A jobsekeer’s attitude has a major impact on whether he/she will get the job. If you’re self-conscious about your different abilities or feel that you don’t have much job skills, boost your self-confidence before attending the interview. Think about the natural skills that you have or the ones you’ve learned from hobbies. You will be surprised to find that you have more number of skills than you probably imagined.

5. Educate yourself

There are several groups that help differently-abled workers to get the best disability jobs. You can also seek help from a disability jobs agency Like Rangam Consultants to find work that suits your skills set. The US Department of Labor has many resources for differently-abled jobseekers. The Americans with Disabilities Act is also a good source of information in this regard.

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