Why Dating During a Huntsville Divorce Is Not a Good Idea

Why Dating During a Huntsville Divorce Is Not a Good Idea

A divorce is emotionally, financially, and mentally overwhelming. You may start a new relationship to ease the stress you experience during divorce. But dating during divorce can come with financial and legal consequences. A Huntsville divorce attorney will advise you against dating and walk you through the possible consequences you may face if you do so. The following are reasons you should not date during a divorce:

Dating Can Draw Out Your Divorce

During your divorce, you may want to connect with someone new, but your spouse may not feel great about you moving on quickly. Although your spouse may have agreed on the divorce, they may not be ready to deal with a new person in the family situation soon. Thus, dating can bring anger and resentment. Often, an angry and resentful spouse may not be cooperative and may draw out the divorce longer or even contest it.

It Can Put Your Divorce Settlement in Danger

Dating during a divorce in Huntsville can be considered adultery, which is a ground for divorce. When this happens, your spouse can build a fault-based divorce case against you for committing adultery. In this case, they can create sufficient doubt that you use community funds for your dates or to buy gifts for your lover. This can result in your spouse getting a bigger settlement. By dating, a family judge can make decisions in your spouse’s favor.

It Can be Too Early for Your Kids

Your divorce can be stressful for everyone in your family, particularly the kids. Your kids may still be processing it all and transitioning through changes in your family dynamic. So, dating somebody new during your divorce can create additional stress on your kids.

During the divorce, your kids may still be hoping you and your spouse work things out. But if you introduce a new person to them, they may feel their other parent is being replaced. As a result, your kids may blame your date for the divorce, which might impact how they view your new relationship.

In addition, dating during divorce can impact the mental health of your kids. Thus, you must spend quality time with them while they struggle and navigate such new territory.

It Can Complicate Custody Arrangements

When you start an intimate relationship with another person, your spouse may not resolve child custody amicably. Your spouse may not accept child support or co-parenting arrangements or even fight for full child custody.

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