Benefits of Slate Roof Maintenance Services

Benefits of Slate Roof Maintenance Services

Slate Roof Maintenance is very beneficial for a house/home. For each house, the roof is an important element, the same as walls or foundation. It is designed to shelter and protect the building from the effects of precipitation, and also gives it a complete look.

The roof of slate does it yourself is a very real enterprise. For the arrangement of the roof, it is necessary to calculate everything, think it over and perform all the work qualitatively.

Slate Roofing Tiles – These slate roofing tiles are highly demanded roofing a house and many other building projects. Roofing tiles are available at very cheap rates. They assure about the safety of the roof.

Why need Slate Roof construction and Maintenance

Slate Roof Maintenance Services should be built from slate, taking into account the cost of materials and the more materials, the cost will be higher. When building plays an important role in bias design.

What is the slope of the roof, and what is it? When the slope is from 3 to 5 degrees, then this roof is considered flat, and if the slope is up to 40 degrees, then this is a pitched roof.

Slate Roof Maintenance
If you live in an area where there is a lot of precipitation, then it is necessary to make a slope of 45 degrees, and in windy conditions, it is best if the structure is flat.

The angle of inclination is determined by the choice of material. If the roof is made of slate, then the angle should be about 22 degrees, since with a minimum slope precipitations can accumulate in the joints, such laying of slate on the roof with its own hands will last more than a dozen years.

The shed roof should have a slope of 20 to 30 degrees, and at the gable, the slope is 25-45 degrees.
Single pitch roof:

Roofing Slate Roof Maintenance device

To build such a roof, you will need wood, which is used as:
•    Rafters
•    Beams
•    Crates

Your attention. For the construction of such a design, the best option is the roof of slate. Roofs of this material have always been practical, and they also have many advantages:

•    Strength
•    Frost resistance
•    Moisture resistance
•    UV resistant.

To make a slate roof Maintenance device, the following steps should be performed:

1. Laying beams. They are placed in increments of 70-80 cm on the filled seismic belt, the tops of the walls or the Mauer last, which is installed in the top row of the brickwork. Next, fix the vertical rafters on the laid out beams – supports for the upper part of the roof.
The number of supports should correspond to the same number of beams in a lean-to roof with their own hands. Thus, a rectangular triangle was formed from the vertical truss foot and the beam.

Then they fix the rafter, which will be the support for fastening the lathing – at the same time one edge should be located in the lower part of the beam edge, and the other on the vertical rafter. For each beam, the process is repeated, and it is also necessary to ensure that the height and angle formed are the same throughout the whole structure.

2. To give the structure additional rigidity and strength to the roof, it is necessary to build a batten. Also, the sheathing fastens the slate and connects the rafters. As battens for the batten, 50×50 mm cubes are used, which are arranged across the battens and thus nailed to the rafters. The distance between the slats should be such that a sheet of slate overlaps with a small margin of two slats in a row –15 SMS on each side.

3. Then we cover the roof with slate, which is necessary to lay the bottom rows, starting from the bottom of the first row, and so on until the end of the roof.

All sheets are punched with slate nails to the crate in those places where four neighboring slate converge, and at the same time one nail will hold four sheets of slate, and at the edges, it is necessary to pierce two nails so that the wind could not lift the slate. Next, you should proceed to fasten the gable from wind protection.

Slate Roof Maintenance

How to put a Slate roof covering?

Choosing a building material for the roof, the question arises, how to cover the roof with slate?

1. Your attention! The first thing that needs to be done is to lay a waterproofing layer. To do this, usually buy reinforced polyethylene or roofing felt, which covers the structure.

Then you need to put a vapor barrier material, and on top – insulation. But immediately before laying the waterproofing layer, the old roof covering and all the garbage that is on the roof surface should be removed.

Next, you need to explore the wooden boards and if some of them are rotten, then they should be replaced, and if necessary, build a new frame, so as not to carry out a heavy repair of the slate roof with your own hands.

All wooden boards should be treated with a protective polymer paint.

To properly lay the roof covering, you should follow the instructions.

Tip! A very important tip – do not try to lay the cover in cold and wet weather. Before covering the roof, carefully check each sheet for defects.

Slate sheets can be lifted to the roof with a rope and two steel hooks. Each sheet of slate is hooked from below with hooks, to which a strong rope is tied and rises to the roof.

For the installation of slate sheets on the roof of professional builders use two methods:

• The first way is that in the slate with a drill are drilled holes for fasteners and then they are lifted to the roof.

• The second way is that they lift all the sheets on the slate roof, carefully arrange them, and then drill through to fix the holes.

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