Three Methods to Clean Your Colorbond Roof

Three Methods to Clean Your Colorbond Roof

Keeping your home’s colorbond roof clean, is a crucial part in ensuring the integrity of the roof. Colorbond roofing offers durability, corrosion resistance and provides thermal efficiency for your home. It helps protect your home from external extremities to a certain extent. 

Due to their sleek design and various advantages, they have become a popular choice for many Australian homes over the last few years. 

If your property has Colorbond roofing, you might have come to learn that keeping your roof clean might be challenging. However, skipping out on regular maintenance can put your roof to risk. If you aren’t sure of how to keep it in good shape, get in touch with roof restoration Melbourne experts. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with an insight into some of the crucial points.

What is Colorbond roofing?

Colorbond roofing is a steel material, manufactured and coated by Bluescope. Before Colorbond, corrugated iron was a popular roofing choice, due to its lightweight, durability and versatility of steel. Later, Colorbond was introduced to provide advanced solutions for corrugated iron. Colorbond was low on maintenance and resistant to corrosion.  

Over time, it has been tried and tested in Australian conditions and is further available in 22 colours. It provides a sleek look and comes with minimal design for homes. It is regarded as highly thermal material, optimising solar reflection in summer and insulating in winter. 

To put it simply, Colorbond is essentially an iron roofing with a coating that prevents corrosion, peeling and cracking. Apart from this, it is a non-combustible, sustainable, secure, termite resistant and weather-tight roofing material. Thus, it is an ideal roofing material to fight Australian weather extremities. Roof restoration Carrum Downs experts recommend it.

Methods For Cleaning Colorbond Roofs

Chemical Washing 

A variety of chemical cleaning products are designed for cleaning Colorbond roofing materials. Such substances will help to break down the bacteria that has developed on the grime of the roof. It does this without damaging the metal sheets. Chlorine or sodium-based chemicals are Colorbond-friendly that are relatively mild.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a high-strength method of washing algae off your roofs. It is quite possible to DIY cleaning of your Colorbond roof using pressure washing. If you wish to do so, you can either rent the washer or use an at-home pressure washer. 

However, the device needs to be used with correct regulations for your Colorbond roofing materials. There are chances that while DIY, the roof might get damaged, costing you a significant amount to get it fixed. Thus, it is advisable to let professionals handle it. 


Solvents are a solution, generally used to remove stubborn non-water elements from your Colorbond roof. Some of the stubborn marks include tar, graffiti, grease oil and paint. Solvents aren’t applied on the entire roof; it is only applicable to the areas where it’s required. There are two types of solvents generally used- petroleum and non-petroleum. Both of these solvents can be equally harmful to the roof if misused.

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