10 Key SEO Tactics That Every Website Must Use To Increase Traffic

10 Key SEO Tactics That Every Website Must Use To Increase Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) has nowadays become more important than ever and it is essential for every web designer to understand the real meaning of SEO and the potential it develops for every business. SEO is a set of rules followed by website owners to optimize their sites for search engines and thus develop their search engine rankings. Moreover, it also makes your website user friendly, easy to navigate and faster. SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO tactics can improve the usability and user experience of a website to a great deal. Following are ten key tactics that every website needs to improve their site’s traffic:

  1. Mobile SEO – The results of a recent study shows that 80 percent of adults today have a smart phone and the average time they spend on the mobile device was around 2 hours a day. So, every website must have a mobile marketing strategy and mobile should be a core part of your SEO tactics. For this, you must hire a top SEO Service India that can provide best mobile friendly experience of your website to the audience.
  1. Create a SEO tactics that maps to an audience – You must have a SEO tactics that maps to an audience. To do this, you should find new keywords to focus on, determine where your competitor is succeeding with SEO and find new ways to approach the neighboring markets.
  1. Focus on ROI rather than keyword rakings – If your keywords are ranked well in the search engines, this doesn’t mean, your SEO campaign is successful. It is possible to achieve top rank for many keywords that have no real return on investment (ROI). So, you should focus on ROI that bring conversions.
  1. Creating high quality content that earns links – Inbound SEO links are still the largest influence for search engines. By creating incredible content that people want to share, you can earn links which can lead to brand exposure and more sales.
  1. Develop a content marketing strategy – Every website must have a content marketing strategy focus around their top keywords. This results in a high domain authority, which transforms into better rankings for all of your content.SEO Company India - Dean Infotech
  1. Create an influencer – An influencer is someone who is a subject matter expert and who people listen to online. That person can be you, someone from the company or someone you align with. Having an influencer will mean more people share your blog post, link to your website and trust your content.
  1. Generate strong back links to your pages and website – Having a good content marketing strategy and influencer can help you develop back links to your site. The best way to do this is to hire a good SEO company in India that has a strong digital PR division to help you with this initiative.
  1. Focus on a variety of keywords – SEO has evolved over the years to focus more than just singular keywords. You can get keyword ideas from your customers.
  1. Optimize content for relevant and long-tail keywords – A long-tail keyword is one with more than two or three keywords. Shorter keywords are generally a lot more competitive.
  1. Have web analytics in place at the start – You must have web analytical software right from the start so that you can easily track what’s wrong and what’s not.

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