10 Tools for Growth Hacking You Will Actually Want to Use

10 Tools for Growth Hacking You Will Actually Want to Use

There is that one metric which every stakeholder and founder who works in relation to the painstakingly of a company that they must lay as much focus on and that is the rate of the company growth.

The rate in which a company grows is depended on so many different factors. Each company is so unique from the other company.

Also, the problems one company handles are far different from the problems handled by another company. The marketers in the company, therefore, the need to make smart use of the growth hacking tools so as to see the positive growth of the company.

Below are some of the top ten known growth hacking tools which aid in the growth.


AWeber is one of the major email marketing software which is as well so useful in newsletter creation and email campaigns. AWeber is a tool characterized of excellent and numerous features which enable it to attain its impressive super autoresponders.

The tool works to automate the process through which professional, personally designed emails are delivered to the aimed customers. As well, you can fix your schedules when you will be sending the messages then send the follow-up emails.


This is an analytic system which is based in the cloud. The tool helps you in visualizing the journey your customer takes through your site from the customer’s perspective. Through the use of reports and, you can make an analysis of the customer behavior.

It as well features a capability that allows individual replay of the session. Through the tool, you can increase conversions and decrease rejected cart rates.


Also called Bounce Exchange and it’s an automated platform of customer acquisition which makes use of ‘Exit-intent’ technology. The tool propagates PBM as a channel of revenue. The platform features its own analysis tools of the website and customer retention tools.

The data hyper of the platform aims every visitor into the strategic bucket as they get into the conversion funnel.


The tool offers the marketer with a simple way of promoting, sharing and tracking the content of your company on Twitter. The brand of businesses should be built and such can be achieved through the aid of efforts to market the company content.
The tool features a very easy dashboard which allows you to manage the links. As well analytics are provided to aid in the growth of authority and influence.


This is a heat-mapping tool which aids in boosting the website functioning. Through the CrazyEgg tool, you can conduct tests of fresh ideas plus improve on the ideas which have since worked well for the company. Any element which makes growth not attainable can as well be fixed.

Through CrazyEgg, it’s also possible to track the visitors of your website and get to know which elements are clicked on so as to make interactions with such.


Collibri is a platform which offers several growth hacking tools to be used either for content marketing, monitoring of social signal, SEO or inbound marketing. Through the platform tools, you can enhance the social media visibility and be able to know the specific person talking and what they are talking concerning your brand.

Also, it is easy to participate in discussions which are ongoing.


This is a tool used for marketing automation. The interface of the tool is super intuitive as you can forward custom emails on the basis of the user behavior. Through the tool, you are able to segment contacts as per events and tags.

Through Drip you get to have a better view of the customers through the chronological timeline. Drip aids in the creation of complex workflows of email marketing.


Through this platform, you can automate both the brand messages and product messages send to customers. Messages can be scheduled before sending. As well, segmentation of the customers is possible after which personal emails can be forwarded to the customers.

Through the platform, you get an understanding of how clients handle the messages you send. You can send automated triggered emails as per certain client behavior.

9.Hello Bar

It is among the best-known tools when it comes to lead generation. Through this tool, you can design visitors’ messages. By just entering the URL of your website you make display codes as well as install barcodes and other functions.

The Hello Bar tool displays on the website messages and once a visitor makes a click on the bar displays, engagement is increased.


This makes another major platform, especially for creators. The tool is more help to graphic designers, musicians, writers, and artists among others. The above personnel can sell physical and digital goods, subscriptions as well as pre-orders online through a customized link of the product.

Through the platform, you can see sales, referrals ad audience growth and also engage customers on the platform dashboard.

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