11 Important SEO Marketing Tips and Techniques

11 Important SEO Marketing Tips and Techniques

Businesses these days are getting more aware of the benefits of hiring a search engine marketing and social media marketing virtual assistant. It is because only an expert can implement advanced techniques that can bring in the desired business benefits. If you too are planning to hire one then it is always best to have at least some basic knowledge about the techniques related to SEO. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

In this post, I am sharing the 11 most important SEO marketing techniques and tips that you surely must know.

1.Be Open to New

SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-time event. Google introduces new search algorithms almost every year and hence you need to be well-versed of it in order to bring benefits to your business. SEO needs long-term commitment and outlook. Hence, don’t expect returns in just a few months as it takes time for SEO to deliver results. But once you start achieving it, you can surely sustain it with the best SEO strategies.

2.Ask Lots of Questions before Hiring an Expert

It is essential to ask as many questions as you want to the company or expert you want to hire. You must get a brief of tactics they will be using, risks involved, the process they follow, experience, and more. In addition to this, you can always do online research to know about the company.

3.Get Basic Understanding of Web Analytics Software

You must have clearly defined goals for your social media marketing and SEO efforts. For this, you can take help of web analytics software. With software, it would be possible for you to track what SEO techniques are working best for you and what not.

4.Always Include a Website Map Page

Spiders are not able to index pages, which cannot be crawled. A website map helps spiders to find the important pages on your website and understand the hierarchical structure of your site. Having a sitemap is essential especially if you have a difficult to index menu. For larger websites, it is better to have multiple sitemap pages.

5.Make Sure Your SEO URLs are SEO-Friendly

Always include keywords in file names and URLs. But don’t over include the keywords as a file with more hyphens would appear spammy and users would be hesitant to click it. You can use hyphens in file names and URLs and not underscores.

6.Do an In-depth Research for Keywords

It is of utmost importance to do keyword research before starting the SEO project. You can use paid or free tools. It is vital to search keywords in a relative volume of one keyword to another. Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the best.

7.Invest in a PPC Account

Whether it is Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords or something else, it is essential to get the precise search volume for your keywords. This costs money, but if you have the budget then it is worth investing. Also, this is one of the finest ways to get instant visibility with your SEO efforts.

8.Create Unique Meta Description and Relevant Title on Every Page

One of the most important factors of on-page SEO is its title and Meta description. It is quite difficult to rank high for a primary word without having that term in the page title. Alone, the Meta description would not help you rank. Hence, use the power of both these aspects in order to get higher rankings for your website.

9.Create a Blog

Search engines, especially Google have a great interest in blogs. They love offering high rankings to websites with fresh and well-structured content. In addition to this, your blog offers you a way to participate in a conversation with your audiences. Hence, make sure you have a unique blog for your company or website. Furthermore, you can read and comment on other blogs as this will enhance the exposure and help you get new links. Make sure you put your blog at the domain of your site as your domain gets the benefits of any links to your posts.

10.Use Social Media Platforms Wisely

If there is a visual element to your business then you must join appropriate communities on various social media platforms. You can post high-quality photos on social platforms to bring more visibility to your business. If your business is service oriented then you must use Yahoo Answers and Quora to portray yourself as an expert in the industry. For all kinds of businesses, you can use Facebook and Twitter, as social signals and information from these are being used as a part of the search engine rankings for Bing and Google. It is important to be active and be a contributing member of the website. This way, it is possible to interact with potential customers.

11.Use Well Local Search Opportunities

It is a growing trend for offline buying and online research. You need to optimize your website to target local traffic by displaying your phone number as well as address prominently. You need to write a detailed location and directions page using landmarks and neighborhoods in the page text. Submit your websites to free local listing services that are offered by the major search engines. Also, encourage customers to leave comments and reviews of your business on such websites. If your website is listed on social or local directories like Yelp, CitySearch, Local.com, and more then it would be of great help to bring local traffic to your website.


It is essential that you keep these important techniques into consideration when hiring a search engine optimization and social media marketing virtual assistant for your business. SEO and SMO are vast fields and hiring an expert is the only way to bring in the best results for your online business. Hence, hire AIS Technolabs, one of India’s leading company offering the best SEO and SMO services to small as well as large businesses.

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