Best 3 Domain Authority Checker Tools

Best 3 Domain Authority Checker Tools

The ranking of the site on the search engine is one of the main areas of concern for website owners. The immensely enlarging network of the web has given vent to the competition. This competition is quite tough that website owners love to rank their site on top, which is massively tough due to a number of aspects.

Fulfilling all those aspects ensure the success of your site in getting ranked at the top. All the content of the site must be free from plagiarism. Ensure to have the unique content which must be user-friendly as well. It allows you to enjoy an eminent position in search engines.

Domain Authority:

The world of SEO is expanding on a daily basis. Maintain the best SEO of your site to relish amazing ranking as a fruit of it. Moz is basically the developer of domain authority. This is known as a web metric whose purpose is to aware you form the fact that where your site lies in actual and how much effort you need to put in order to access the targeted rank. Domain authority is a scoring or grading system which lets you know the grades of your websites.

Google is one of the brilliant and popular search engines, where everyone wants to rank the website. People from all over the globe surf time on Google and explore the information that they want. Google and other search engines provide the information in bulk which is comprised of several pages. No one has the time to explore a plethora of pages for gaining information. Hence, the top-ranked websites comprising the desired information is opened by the users. Following as some most commonly used domain authority checker tools that you can consider to use for your content:

  • Prepostseo
  • org
  • MOZ link explorer


Prepostseo is one of the most powerful tools which lets you check the domain authority. It is well known for its exciting feature to check the domain authority quite efficiently for about 500 URLs. Isn’t it exciting? Surely, it is! With a few simple steps, you can check the ranking of any site you want. If you are running multiple sites, then it is better for you to consider checking domain authority of all of these on Prepostseo.

The scale utilized by the domain authority checker usually ranges from 0 to 100 where 100 is the number associated with the maximum value while the minimum value is being indicated by number 0. Factors that affect the value of the Domain, authority is site volume, social signals, backlinks as well as the age of the domain. is the fabulous software that knows well the significance of your work and hence offers a variety of facilities to you for managing the tasks quite easily. One of the significant features offered by is the domain authority checker. This reliable source ensures to provide you with the estimated scoring of your website. You get information regarding the page authority and quantity of backlinks associated. In the DA PA checker, you enjoy relishing the advanced algorithms. The higher the scoring would be, the higher the ranking of your site would become.

Identify the latest SEO tactics and work on it as it is the direct approach to get a skyrocket boost to your site’s ranking. It is not only a source to check to score for your sites but also aware of your competitors’ sites as well. You can even choose the most promising sites having great rank for using them as a backlink.

Moz Link Explorer

Do you wish to have a glance at the details of website metrics? If yes then MOZ Link Explorer is the right option for you. You just need to enter the address i.e. the URL of your site.  In addition to this, you may also choose to enter a specific page link of your site in order to gain link data for that particular page. Enjoy several free SEO tools at MOZ Link Explorer by creating an account on Moz Link Explorer. Go through the process of email notification in order to verify your account, and now you are free to analyze extensive URLs.

Real-Life Examples:

Traveling to the land of the rising sun is a great experience. Writing up the ultimate list of things and then publishing them is great fun. But what if the official tourism website of the land of rising Sun, Japan, does the same by publishing your list in their blog. The official website ranking would be much more than the original content website. Newer websites take enormous time to get ranked among the top positions. The same reason lies here as well.

Often, it is said that it takes about 2 years for a website to become a part of the top 10 websites on the search engines. The main thing to focus on is the struggle of the site with respect to SEO. Persistent effort in the right direction is the key to success; Official sites or older sites have much more potential to get better scoring or grading. It is better for all credible sites do not take the aid of plagiarized content else their domain authority can be decreased.

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