3 Fundamental And Effective Tactics Of Social Media Marketing Strategy

3 Fundamental And Effective Tactics Of Social Media Marketing Strategy

In this very day if people want to find the information they go straight to the very familiar word that we all know “Internet”!

Now, we have the means of internet at our home, in our office, in our cars & even in our pockets. Due to which it has become easier for people to look for products and facilities that they want to buy or know in this gigantic market. Social interaction is also rapidly increasing carrying the extensive number of users. Billions of people all around the world make use of the internet and social media sites. To broadcast your business to these billions do seem like a deep concept but through valid techniques, you can target the right customers for you.

As there are many users, there are also many promoters who are also willing for the customers to notice them. With the number of businesses already online, you have to make yourself standout in the clear view. Does it sound like a challenging task? It fairly is! But there 3 right strategies for social media marketing to get your work done. Here is the list.

1. Understand what your target audience want

Recently, I visited someone’s seminar where he was reviewing his book. While discussing, the author was so serious as he had put great efforts to his book. The title of the book was captivating “how to be successful”. So everyone including me were so fascinated to know what information he has to share about that being successful. But until the end of the seminar, what we’ve been told by him was this only.

– this is my book
– this book will make your whole life change forever 
– this book will make you successful 
– you should really buy this book

Here we in the audience were thinking, “You ask us to buy your book just because you want us to buy it?” He was fundamentally promoting his product so the people were not sure whether they’ll recommend someone about his book.

He might have worked for his business day and night but that just didn’t make a good reason for us to spend time and money in his book. This is the first logistic strategy in SMM (Social Media Marketing) which is to give potential reasons to your readers to engage.

2. Doing the right thing at the right time

The second step is a further stretched form of the first step. You can make connections through social media by doing the right thing for the right people in the right time. Providing the content that matters to your audience creates the superlative relationship between you and them. You need to become the magnet to attract the people who are interested in your service.

You can promote your quality message by making the use of the social sites. According to the search report of sharealcoholic, these are the top sites for social media post-click engagement.

1. Youtube
2. Facebook
3. Linkedin
4. Twitter
5. Google+

3. Active communication

Social media marketing strategies are not magic and will not work overnight. It takes consistent execution to make your strategy work.

Here is an approach to keep active communication with the users.

Offer them what they need but never had

There are many sources available for the same exact product in abundance but you need to bring as much as unique data and offers. This will keep the readers coming.

There are many more deep concepts of understanding social media marketing strategy and others such to help you and your business progress. You can contact me at  iam@globalyogi.me or know more about me at www.globalyogi.me.

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