Big Mistakes That Can Make Disappear Your Brand Name

Big Mistakes That Can Make Disappear Your Brand Name

Branding plays a significant role in making your business a big success. The way you design your custom boxes reflects your branding efforts. However, if your branding goes wrong, it can give you a tough time. As a result, the brand starts losing its fans, weakens its position in the marketplace or may even subject to some legal issues. If we have a look at our history, several big mistakes are made by brands that have disappeared their name in the market. Some blunders have even reached a classical status of textbooks. Everyone will like to avoid these mistakes to save their brand from such drastic effects.

Here we are going to highlight a few of them:

Mistake 1: Inconsistent Branding Across the Product Range

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Brand is a constantly evolving thing. Over time a business has to make some changes in its branding but its overall look should remain consistent across the product range. This makes customers identify your product easily. It has been seen that the companies who fail to maintain consistency, a time come when their names disappear from the competition. Let us take the example of Colgate toothpaste. The manufacturer has designed its custom cardboard boxes in red with the name of the brand printed in white. The product comes in several different flavors but the consistent thing across its product range is its branding. Whether a customer goes for herbal, salt or max fresh toothpaste; he can easily identify the brand based on its custom product packaging design.

Mistake 2: Forget to establish Brand Guidelines

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If you are going to develop a brand, you have to work on different defined guidelines to cover all the elements relevant to your field. Some of the points to consider are:
•Brand colors
•Fonts and typography
These guidelines are necessary to be defined and properly documented to carry out your operations smoothly. Among them, the logo is the most influential thing. Designing custom boxes with a logo helps the customers to recognize your brand at a sight. If your business forgets to work on any of these guidelines, your brand may lack consistency and the direction needed for success.

Mistake 3: Overcomplicating your Packaging Design

Just take a look at some of the most successful brands. The thing which is common in their success is their packaging design. If you want to make your brand a big hit never overcomplicate its packaging. The custom cardboard boxes should be such that the customers can easily comprehend all the basic details about the product. The market is full of intense competition. A single mistake can convert your success to failure. It has been seen that even if a business offers something exceptional but an overdesigned packaging can disappear its brand name completely. It makes the customers inconvenient and they prefer to switch to another alternate.

Mistake 4: Your Brand follows Every Trend

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Every business wants to make it’s brand fresh and synchronized with the latest market trends. Of course, there is nothing wrong with adapting something new. But the problem starts when these trends start driving your entire branding strategy. Brand identity is an amalgamation of several elements, which plays an important role in its success. In the race of aligning with market trends never destroy your brand identity. Do try to steal someone’s idea to fit into the spotlight. Rather carve your own identity. If you want to follow market trends do it in your way. such minor events can create more fun and engagement for the customers without destroying your brand image.

Mistake 5: Branding without Focusing on Experience


A strong brand is advantageous. It creates a positive perception for the customers and makes your products easy to sell. Mistakenly, the brand is perceived as a logo, an advertisement campaign or the beauty of custom packaging boxes. But in the real, brand is an emotion that customers feel when they think of your product. As branding helps in creating a positive perception of your products, but customer experience is a thing that matters the most. To provide exceptional customer experience, it is necessary to resolve their issues timely. Updating the latest information is necessary. For example, if a customer wants to get details mentioned on the product boxes of pharmaceutical items. Whether you are using a phone call, live chat or replying through email, such a system should be established which prefers the customers most. The business which does not pay attention to providing a good experience, customers start forgetting them soon. As a result, their brand name disappears from the market.

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