Does Your Business Need An SEO Boost?

Does Your Business Need An SEO Boost?

If you have chosen BigCommerce as the platform for your online store and you know you have a great product, the next step is to choose a great Bigcommerce SEO Company that you will partner with to ensure your business’ success online. But how do you choose a right partner? What qualities are you looking for in an SEO company that will make you feel at ease in working with them?

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In 2018, there is an overwhelming amount of competition in the digital space. More online stores pop up every single day and more and more Americans are shopping online. It can be difficult to cut through the riff raff and be introduced to your potential customers. There is of course, social media, and content marketing, but SEO is an area that many business owners do not fully understand, yet it should never be ignored. So where to begin? What is SEO and how do eCommerce stores employ it to increase their profits and grow their businesses?

SEO is shorthand for search engine optimization and it is the process by which your business is found when potential customers are searching Google for relevant keywords. For example, if your business is selling silk ties for men, you not only want to be discovered when people search for “silk ties for men” but also related keywords and phrases such as “business ties,” “men’s suits,” “handmade ties,” etc. For most businesses, there are dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of keywords you will wish to rank for when searched, so, it is critical that you find a great partner to help you boost your rankings. After all, you are busy running your business and you do not have the time to completely devote to this.

The right BigCommerce SEO company will have a proven track record of success. When you are searching for your partner, be sure to explore their portfolio. Are there any names you recognize on there? Do they have any high profile clients? If Brooks Brothers trusts this company, then surely your new silk tie company would be a great fit. On the flip side, sometimes choosing a company that handles mostly large clients may not be a great fit for your small business. They will not be able to give you the kind of personal attention you need and they may even make your company an afterthought while they handle their big fish. Choose a partner who you know you will be able to communicate with easily and who can devote the right amount of attention to your business. Large firms may be too expensive for you as well and this needs to be considered too.

When exploring an SEO company’s portfolio, make sure you pay attention to the type of businesses they work with as well. You want to choose a company that works in a similar niche as your own. An SEO company that works with hospitality groups primarily may not understand the needs of your door-to-door power washing service. An SEO company that deals with handmade jewelry stores may not be the right fit for your iPhone accessories shop. You will want someone who is not only an expert in SEO but someone who understands how your business works and how to reach your customers.

At 1Digital Agency, our SEO experts are here to help. We work with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of diverse industries while never sacrificing the attention and care we give yours. We will work with you develop an SEO solution that fits your goals and your budget while making sure that growing your business is the goal.

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