A Few Common SEO Mistakes which Impact Your Website Ranking

A Few Common SEO Mistakes which Impact Your Website Ranking

In the era of digital marketing, every business person needs a good SEO campaign with an effective strategy. The constantly changing search engine’s algorithms and updates make the web promotion more challenging as compared to former times. You SEO knowledge must be up-to-date if you want to see your business at the top. Despite doing effective SEO for website, some people face sudden declining in their website ranking and do not know the exact causes of it, so we are here to share some common mistakes that many SEO professionals make and why you must evade them:

An Unprotected Site

Recently, the positive impact on ranking has been seen on secure websites as compared to unprotected sites. (Although Google stated the positive effect of secure sites back in 2014). Unguarded website causes reduce your credibility and trustworthiness; it means that your website visitors avoid giving their personal information to you. Make sure you buy SSL Certificate from trustworthy sites and install it on your website to make it protected.

Negative or a Few Reviews

Recently, Search Engine Journal stated that majority of the people around 80-90% like to read online reviews before buying any product. Moreover, 85 % of masses trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations. Negative or less reviews can put a wrong impression on your potential customers. Thus, make sure you have plethora of positive reviews to encourage more new visitors to buy your products. For doing this, persuade your current clients to leave you one while purchasing any item from your website. Besides it, you can use words of mouth at your location, through social media, or by an email marketing campaign.

A Slow-Loading Website

Nowadays, technology allows folks to acquire what they desire at the drop of a hat. When someone visits your website, they suppose to see everything in a blink of an eye. In fact, Google has also stated that 53 percent of mobile website visitors leave the site if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your videos, images, pages, call-to-actions, or other elements load bit by bit, you may risk losing their attention and can lose your business as well. Make sure your site has the fastest loading time.

Content With The Wrong Keywords

Many people publish useful content on a regular basis to boost their brand exposure and credibility. It also demonstrates search engine spiders that they are active. But, many SEO professionals mistakenly put the wrong keywords, which further affect their website ranking. So, before writing any content, make sure that you have done detailed research as to what keywords should be included. Then, make sure to include the right keywords or related keywords throughout the content and especially into the headings.

Bad Site Structure

The inter-connecting structure of a website can offer diversity of benefits. It can build apparent pathways to lead/CTA pages and set up the most imperative pages for search engine spiders. Furthermore, it can catalog keyword-optimized pages as well. If your inter-connecting structure is messy and all-over-the-place, your website may not get the exact amount of authority. Thus, be sure to create an optimal structure during your SEO strategy. It will be easy for consumers to navigate your site and will be easily indexed by search engine spiders.

Forgetting 301/302 Redirects

If you have forgotten to set up 301 or 302 redirects on your website, you may lose your page authority and any backlinks permanently because, the search engine spiders see the new URL as an entirely new page and the content may lose its ranking history. Moreover, and search engines may penalize you for vanishing pages. To show your page is original, it is quite imperative to set up 301 or 302 redirects.

Expecting Instant Results

An SEO strategy is always a long-term strategy; it means that it will take some time to settle into search engines and to give up outcome. Many SEO professionals make this mistake and expect instant results as soon as they execute something new, but that’s almost never seen in the case of SEO. Once you make any amendment, give some time to your effort to create an impact.

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