Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content writing focus at including a set of highly searched keywords or phrases in the content to assure that the website positioned on top when such a phrase or keyword is searched. Quality context often convey into higher income for the online businesses. Here are ten basic rules of SEO content writing that will polish one’s efforts:

1. Research

The quality of the content only relies on the research that one has done in the interested area and how much one has absorb into that topic. If one uses any statistics or content exactly the same from the explored material, then should mention the source from which one is taking that information. Keep in mind, purpose is to establishing a backlink there which is extremely helpful in SEO. Remaining on research mode will aid to generate quality content.

2. Generate Original Content

As correctly state by Bill Gates, “Content is King”. The content must be authentic and extremely informative. Exactly copy pasting is not considered a good practice and hoping to get more clicks to the website. Research extensively and add your own taste to the content to deliver readers that delicious punch. Duplicate content would not assist a higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages. Repetitive words should be avoided and don’t diverge from the topic.

3. Appealing Headline

What truly will invite someone to tap on a link are the headline / title of the content. Ensure that content have a title that instantly gets the audience’s attention. Utilizing solid keywords in the headline will be helpful in the website starring right on top of the Google. Who truly observes what is shown on page 4 of search. What actually matters is what is on page 1. The selection of words made the title sound considerably more appealing to tap on because it pointed on the problem area.

4. Structure Your Content Well

What if the content is good but it is not structured appropriately; it will disappoint the readers. At a time stick to only one topic and narrate the story to the readers. Read, re-read and then edit the content till it strike the mark. A transparent structure with suitable headings and paragraphs accelerate reading and are preferred from both user and search perspective.

5. Add Strong Keywords

To keep things in review, here is a formula of keyword density that will be useful:

Keywords-densityExample – suppose one would like to gain keyword density of 2% in the article of 1000 words.   Then, the keyword needs to occur at least twice for every 100 words.

6. Focus On Readability

The context uploaded on a website must consist of simple language, with null grammatical mistakes and must be structured attractively. The matters required to remember mainly are: number of syllables per word, sentence length, representation of content and frequency of passive voice. The content should be best and unique so that it attract and engage the audience.

7. Strengthen Link Building

Backlinks of High Quality are one of the major factors for accomplishment of SEO. Linking to own website or articles in a post makes sure a link back to the website if written article is selected by another site. Creating unique content useful to maximize the chances of the content being shared and the most probably that other websites will also link to it, so goal must be quality!

8. Use Images Wisely

The human brain operates visual images sixty thousand times quickly than text. One may write context for articles, social media, blogs posts, etc. Using the effective means of communication will assists in connecting with the people and driving traffic to the site.

9. Add A Call To Action

Clarify what is it that writer want the readers to do? What is the benefit from the context that readers are viewing? Help to recall important points that have mention about and write a quick summary of the final opinion. Let the audience assuming about what have been conveyed through the content.

10. Monitor Activity And Measure SEO Success

Google Analytics is a simple and free approach to track site hits and the total time spent on a page. One can also investigate the quantity of social interactions (likes, comments, shares etc) to get an idea about thought of reader’s reactions to the content. Look at the content strategy and check whether one is on track or not. If not, review the plan, revise and apply changes.

SEO context writing is context writing where pages are made keeping in mind the algorithms of SEO. SEO friendly pages get set easily on internet results pages. Content is ‘King’ and the web content resembles an ambassador for the company.

The Key Is To Manage Effective Keyword Density

Keyword density is another significant feature of SEO. Although Google keeps varying the rules related to keywords, density of keyword will always be appropriate.

At start, when Google had just started analyzing the web, they declare articles with maximum keywords the premium. Thus, the trend become to stuff content with keywords, sometimes the words and phrases used were make the major grammatical mistakes and out of order.

Today, keywords density becomes diminish but using them in a simple and interactive way so as not to absurd the meaning or sentence flow.

Thus, if one is writing 1000 words content, then should compute the correct density of keyword by using the above mentioned formula. Generally, now a day, the accepted density of keyword is between 2%-4%. One should then aim to add the keywords in the content in such a way that they adjust in an article effortlessly. This will aid to create context of high quality as well as search-engine friendly.

The good way to make sure the right density of keyword is by including both short-tail keywords (contains one or two words) and long-tail keywords (contains phrases or even sentences).


As a beginner of content writing, one learns something new every day. At the end of each day, one should check number of clicks and views received by content and how company is faring against their competitors. If someone has ability to convert the visitors to customers, then you have done your job efficiently. Remember, qualitative content translates into rising revenues for the online businesses. So go forward and hit a shot. Put the thinking cap on, use the above significant tips of content writing and show the magic of words.

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